Sponsor Seeker Secure Crawley Town Sponsorship

Crawley Town

Sponsor Seeker Secure Crawley Town Sponsorship

Crawley Town Football Club has scored big off the pitch with a major shirt sleeve sponsorship from Brick Borrow, facilitated through Sponsor Seeker.

The collaboration between Crawley Town Football Club and Brick Borrow brings vital financial support and highlights how Sponsor Seeker connects sponsors and clubs in the sports community.

Brick Borrow commended the platform, stating:

“We are incredibly pleased to have come across Sponsor Seeker. This platform gave us the opportunity to identify clubs seeking sponsorship. Being a small brand, finding an ideal partnership within our budget was pivotal. Without hesitation, we endorse Sponsor Seeker and plan to collaborate closely with them as we continue our efforts to support the sports community.”

As Crawley Town aims for a top-six finish and League 1 entry, this collaboration shows the vital role of connecting clubs and sponsors for mutual benefit.

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