Bespoke Sponsorship Search

Sponsor Seeker can work with your business to help you find the best fit sponsorship opportunity to suit your companies aims and objectives. Our Bespoke Sponsorship Search Campaigns can help you see a full array of the opportunities out in the marketplace and tap in to our wealth of knowledge and contacts to help you achieve the best ROI for your budget.

Please see information below on the type of work we can offer:

Develop client brief to ascertain objectives and sponsorship opportunities

  • Local or Web based to discuss requirements and objectives for the exercise.
  • Provide advice on planning, pricing and inventory
  • Bring experience and best practice from across the industry

Research and create a best-fit target list – identifying any open market opportunities

  • Conducting research through our knowledge and contacts of the opportunities open in the marketplace already
  • Identify clubs/venues/athletes that best fit the criteria where the opportunity may fit.

Email Marketing and Promotion

  • Include opportunity in the regular newsletter we send to our listers and seekers
  • Promotion through relevant Social Media channels
  • Specifically targeted email campaigns to the chosen target clubs

Conducting personal initial contact to the Targets

  • Conducting a campaign of personal contact calls to the Target clubs to ascertain interest levels
  • Providing follow up information as requested by email or post

Presentation of the proposals from clubs to the company

  • Liaising with the clubs to obtain the correct information required
  • Presenting information in an appealing way to the company
  • Producing a report showing all relevant opportunities in the market place and narrowing down to a selected 3 that we feel will best serve the purpose.

Follow Ups and meeting arrangement

  • Follow up information on the partnership sent in the form of a presentation by email or post
  • Chase up feedback and advise on further the opportunities available
  • Arrange for club and client to meet and discuss opportunity

Closing and negotiating sales agreements

  • Depending upon the level of involvement required by the client we can attend initial meetings and / or we can follow the sale through to a closed conclusion

For further information about our bespoke sponsorship search campaigns, please click below to arrange a call to discuss further 

Bespoke Sponsorship Search