How to find a Sponsor

how to find a sponsor

Get started finding your new sponsor with Sponsor Seeker

Sponsor Seeker can help you take those first steps towards finding a sponsor and obtain that all important financial support you need. We offer a wide range of ways in which we can help you find a sponsor, from advertising on our portal, email marketing, telemarketing packages, right up to in-depth sponsorship search campaigns.

Your journey starts by completing a free listing on the Sponsor Seeker website to advertise your sponsorship opportunities and help you find a sponsor. Just click the link below to complete the form and let us do the rest!

We also offer a number of bespoke campaign activities too, details of our other services available can be found on the website. If you would like to discuss these further or for any other help to find a sponsor, please Contact Us

Click below to add your listing and start your sponsorship search journey with us…

how to find a sponsor with Sponsor Seeker