Sponsor Seeker are here to help find you a sponsor

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Sponsor Seeker are here to help find you a sponsor

Find a sponsor for your club with 6 days to go till grassroots start again. Give your club a cash injection you need after the pandemic with Sponsor Seeker


29th March is the official date for grassroots to be back open again. It has been months since lockdown prevented grassroots to carry on due to the outbreak of COVID 19. This has caused many grassroots sporting clubs to shut down due to the lack of capital. We are here to prevent any more clubs having to to close down.

With 6 more days to go it is a perfect time to kickstart your season before it starts up again. Sponsorship is the perfect way to receive a cash injection into your club. Some examples of sponsorship opportunities you could offer is branding on your advertising boards around the pitch or even naming a stand after the sponsor. With the lack of income over the months may mean you will struggle with paying pitch fees, referee fees, or even struggle with new equipment. All these aspects are needed to keep your club functioning and can all be covered via sponsorship.

Here at Sponsor Seeker, we give you as a club the opportunity to reach a larger audience of potential sponsors. Sponsor Seeker is an online marketing portal where we connect sponsors with yourself free of charge. We work with mainly grassroots clubs with a few professional clubs helping them find the sponsorship deal they need. We have over 600 clubs currently on our website and due to the restart of grassroots on the 29th March we have many more signing up. Businesses favour sponsorship for their marketing campaigns, this is due the perks these businesses receive as a result of it.


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How you can sign up and how Sponsor Seeker helps you achieve the sponsorship deal


Visit our website at www.sponsorseeker.co.uk. We have a menu tab called Find a sponsor where you’ll be able to find our listing form.


Then click sponsorship listing form which will take you to the form. This then is your chance to show the potential sponsor what your club does and more or less sell your club to the sponsors. If you struggle or need any help with filling in the form, on our news section on our website we have “Top 10 Tips” to writing the perfect sponsorship proposal.


Once this easy to fill out form is filled in, this is then sent straight to us where we will then proofread and make sure its all grammar correct ensuring the best possible sponsorship proposal you can make.


Once the check is all over this is when it will be put straight onto our website for many potential sponsors can view your club and see if your team is what they are looking for.


Once added to the website we send you guys an e-mail (the one given on the form) Letting you know that its live on our website and giving you an opportunity for any changes you’d like to make and the link to the profile on our website.


We don’t stop there, we then add your profile onto all are social media accounts, giving yourselves a greater chance of the right sponsor seeing your profile.









All this is available to you for no charge at all, e-mail us at charlie@sponsorseeker.co.uk if you have any questions about what we do or if your struggling with the listing form.