Sponsor Seeker Facilitates Sponsorship for Friends of The Hospital of St Cross

Friends of The Hospital of St Cross

Sponsor Seeker Facilitates Sponsorship for Friends of The Hospital of St Cross

In a heart warming testament to the power of community and corporate responsibility, F Geo Robinson has announced its sponsorship of the Friends of The Hospital of St Cross. This sponsorship, facilitated by Sponsor Seeker, marks a significant milestone for both the company and the charity, embodying a spirit of mutual support and celebration.

Here’s What FGR Had to Say:

“Celebrating the 100th anniversary of my company meant I wanted to spread some of the love we’ve had over the last 100 years back to the community that helped us reach this milestone,” said a representative from F Geo Robinson. “Having never looked for a sponsor before, I quickly found that web searches weren’t much help. However, after a few tries, I came across ‘Sponsor Seeker’.

“I wanted something that meant something to both me and should reflect the company, and it was suddenly easy to look through various people, companies, and charities that all wanted some help. I quickly settled on a perfect candidate. I got a call from the charity to have a chat through, and Daisy from Sponsor Seeker kept in touch to make sure everything was going ok as well. All round, really happy with how everything panned out.”

The Friends of The Hospital of St Cross, now proudly sponsored by F Geo Robinson, benefit from the support of a company that deeply values its community roots. This partnership is a shining example of how Sponsor Seeker can bridge the gap between sponsors and those in need, creating meaningful connections that enhance both parties’ missions.

Sponsor Seeker’s role in this success story highlights its effectiveness in facilitating sponsorships that are not only beneficial but also deeply resonant with the values and goals of the sponsors and the recipients. As companies like F Geo Robinson look to give back to their communities, platforms like Sponsor Seeker prove invaluable in finding the perfect match.


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