Revving Up the Future: Sam Shaw Looking To Secure Motorsport Sponsorship


Revving Up the Future: Sam Shaw Looking To Secure Motorsport Sponsorship

In a pivotal move set to turbocharge his racing career, upcoming motorsport sensation Sam Shaw is thrilled to announce his partnership with leading sponsorship agency Sponsor Seeker. As Sam gears up to make a splash in the 2024 Radical Cup UK, this strategic collaboration aims to drive his journey forward, securing the vital sponsorships needed to fuel his championship dreams.

“Sam Shaw is not just a driver; he is a racing prodigy who embodies the spirit of motorsport,” stated Laura Miller, Managing Director at Sponsor Seeker. “With his remarkable track record and magnetic charisma, Sam represents the perfect blend of talent and marketability. We are excited to steer his sponsorship journey, accelerating both his racing career and the brands that will journey with him.”

At the young age of 6, Sam’s racing career ignited and has since been on a meteoric rise. His participation in the inaugural 2019 Motorsport Games in Rome highlighted his global potential, and his impressive finish in the top 5 out of 164 in the 2023 European Karting Championship further cemented his status as a future star. Beyond his racing accolades, Sam’s dedication to the sport shines through his work as a supercar driving instructor and mentor to young karting enthusiasts.

“Sponsorseeker’s expertise in forging powerful connections between athletes and the business world is unmatched. Their strategic approach will undoubtedly elevate Sam’s profile in the racing community and beyond,” remarked Robert Shaw, Head of Racing and proud father. “We are confident that this partnership will be a catalyst for Sam’s success in the Radical Cup UK and will create thrilling new opportunities for sponsors looking to align with a rising star.”

The Radical Cup UK, the UK’s largest prototype racing series, provides a high-octane platform for drivers, teams, and sponsors to showcase their prowess. Renowned for its fast-paced action and broad media reach, the series is a cornerstone of the Radical sports car ecosystem, offering unmatched exposure and engagement opportunities.

For brands looking to accelerate their visibility in the exhilarating world of motorsport, partnering with Sam Shaw offers a high-speed ticket to the forefront of sports marketing.

As Sam prepares to dominate the 2024 Radical Cup UK, now is the perfect time for sponsors to join this winning team.


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