World Disability Billiards & Snooker Tour

Sponsor Name: Ryan Pinnington

Location: UK National

Sector: Snooker

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Hi I’m Ryan. I have just recently joined the world disability snooker tour. In 2017 World Disability Billiards and Snooker became a member of the World Snooker Federation (WSF), the International Federation for snooker which aims to bring together amateur and professional snooker worldwide.

Both WDBS and the WSF work together to provide new opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in competitive, international tournaments for all. In 2020 several WDBS players were able to compete with the world’s best amateur players at the WSF Open in Malta, with leading players Daniel Blunn and Nick Neale both able to qualify for the knockout stage of the tournament.

As I am going to be entering the majority of competitions in the WDBS in the foreseeable future, I will be competing to be the world number 1 in Group 6B and looking to reach the semi finals and finals of each event, your organisation/company will be recognised on my waistcoat as we have a professional photographer who uploads pictures of each individual to the WDBS site and Facebook page.

I entered my first competition which took place the weekend of Friday 12th January in Woking, UK where I reached the semi finals getting beat 3-2 from a 2-0 lead. I already know my competition so with consistency and dedication I can and will be number 1.

Your company name would be stitched on my waistcoat for all to see 🙂


Target Audience

The age range is 15-90 but highly ranged towards 15-50. The fan base would be targeted to Snooker.

Key Dates and Timings

The dates of my event is March 15th - 17th 2024 and sponsorship for this event will be greatly appreciated for no later than 1st March 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

It is a World Disability Snooker event taking place over 3 days.

My next competition will be in Belgium, Bruges.

I don’t have a fan base but I have a lot of people who know me and respect me as a snooker player over the past 10 years of competing. I have done well to get my name out there within the North West of England and am wanting to expand that now which I have already had a good start with a strong debut competition in Woking.

My social media numbers range from 30 to 70 reactions as I am just starting a social media presence.

Features and Benefits

The sponsor will be guaranteed advertisement and promotional opportunities ie mentions on my social media posts that will be noticed by the World Disability Snooker community and regional snooker community within the North West.

Other Partners

The only other badge I have on my waistcoat is the badge of the World Snooker Federation working in partnership with World Disability Billiards and Snooker at the time.


I will be looking for any contributions, each UK event is an average of £100 to fund me and international competitions average at £200

Other Info

I am coached by a very well known, reputable professional, award winning Snookers Master of Modern Mechanics in 2012, Ex-Professional snooker player, Neil Johnson, Liverpool.