Warrington Volleyball Club

Sponsor Name: Dagmara Marcinek

Location: North West

Sector: Volleyball

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Our team takes part in Merseyside League and Greater Manchester League. We have ladies and men team, also training juniors age 10-16. We are desperate for hall renting funds and sportswear for our players.

Target Audience

Male/Female 10-16 and 16-no limit

Key Dates and Timings

We are desperate for tops, jumpers for both adults and junior teams. Normally order takes 4-6 weeks and would be ordered as soon as funds received. We also would like to purchase safety equipment such as post covers, post base covers, training equipment.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are fast growing opportunity for juniors to play volleyball, with the amount of young players interested we are struggling with just one session and thinking of expanding to two at the moment. We also have a massive growth with adult players within last couple of months, which means we have a chance of creating teams A and B as of opposite the having only one team each at the moment.

Features and Benefits

We offer sponsors logo on tops and we are happy to advertise on our media sites.

Other Partners

Warrington Borough Council
Volleyball England