TMB Racing

Sponsor Name: Toby McAllister-Brown

Location: South East

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

I am a young kart racer looking to take my racing career further, I have won two championship and 2023 buckmore park driver of the year

Target Audience

Anywhere from 10 - 30 that is into racing

Key Dates and Timings

To any races that you be able to pay towards e.g. buckmore park 12hours

Specific Opportunity Details

If I had the backing I could do more racing which could lead me to winning solo and team championship with the team race for TRX Motorsport

Features and Benefits

Get mentioning from my Instagram account to get them more publicity and helping them to get more people to buy products or visit them

Other Partners

Right now I have no sponsors but I would love to get one


The max amount I would be looking for my first sponsor would be £3,000, but that would go down the more sponsors I get