The Rams Rugby Sevens

Sponsor Name: Rhys Lewis

Location: Wales

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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The Rams Rugby Sevens are looking for sponsorship as they are expanding their side to provide development opportunities to female and youth rugby players.


The Rams Rugby Sevens are a side established in 2023. The side are looking to expand and give opportunities to Women, and youth players in rugby, we achieve this be setting up multiple sides to help develop players.

We can benefit partners by posting on social media as well as expose them through physical/visual interactions.


Target Audience

Boys and Girls (15-18), Men and Women (18-37)

Key Dates and Timings

The duration of 2024, however if we receive sponsorship to pay for a gazebo then your logo/sponsor will remain for multiple years as we would not look to re-purchase a new gazebo.

Tournament dates:
-Aberystwyth 7s 4-5 May
-Radnor hills 7s 25 May
-Sundogs 7s 21-23 June
-Heart of Wales 7s 5-7 June
-Sion Wyn 7s 3 August

-Eggchasers 7s
-Bournemouth 7s
-Dubai 7s (Pending regarding enquiry)

Specific Opportunity Details

We had an Instagram account in 2022-23 which had over 1400 followers, however we have set up a new account with is more professional, which has gained 300+ followers since August this year.

Features and Benefits

Advertising, promotional opportunities as well as invite to all events.

Other Partners

Previously we have partnered with Hexby, Getabearhug, Ty Glan LTD, Seconds and Co.


Any support will be greatly recieved but approximatley in the bracket of between £300-£1500.