The Morrigan Academy of Irish Dance

Sponsor Name: Alun Evans

Location: South East

Sector: Events

Budget: 10k - 50k

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The Morrigan Academy of Irish Dance participates in monthly competitions called feiseanna, held in various locations such as Bournemouth, East London, Addlestone, and Gravesend.
These events attract a large crowd, with over 250 dancers participating, accompanied by their family members, resulting in approximately 600 people attending each day.
A notable aspect of these competitions is that all the students from the academy arrive wearing matching tracksuits, creating a sense of unity and identity among the dancers. It is a wonderful opportunity for the dancers to showcase their talent and dedication, while also enjoying the support and camaraderie of their fellow dancers and their families.
We recently displayed at the Rush! Creative Collection at the Princess Hall and we are in discussions with local fete’s, school events and other events throughout the year.

We aren’t just looking for a sponsor we are looking for someone to help build our family and at the same time become part of the family, We will make sure that as a school the sponsors will be pushed on all social media / at all events and competitions at every opportunity

Target Audience

We run from 4 and above , all experience , all abilities.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for a sponsors for 12 months.

The school is trying to break the mold of the standard Irish Dance School and diversify, offering opportunities to as many people as possible and building a family community school.

Specific Opportunity Details

Main Sponsor - Academy Sponsor
- Headline School Sponsor
- Advert on all printed material
- Company logo on School T - Shirts
- Logo added to dedicated website page
- Links to company website
- 12 month Sponsorship

Pop Up Banner Sponsor
- Company Logo and appreciation message on Pop Up Banner
- Taken to all events ( not including competitions )
- Logo and link added to Sponsor page on website
- 12 month sponsorship

Website Sponsor
- Website sponsor banner ( at peak approx 200 visits a month )
- Logo added to sponorship page
- Advert on printed material
- 12 month sponsorship

Flooring Sponsor
- Dance Floor Sponsor
- Advert on printed material
- Potential opportunity to have logo on flooring
- Logo added to sponsorship page
- 12 months sponsorship

School Visits / Events Sponsor
- Advert on all printed tickets
- Advert on posters put up around school and events
- Article on website
- Logo added to sponsorship page
- 12 month sponsorship

All alternative opportunities we are happy to discuss further

Other Partners

We currently don't have any other brands on board however we are reaching out to local business's as well as on this website.


Price subject to option chosen and happy to discuss