Team Neutrino

Sponsor Name: Jayen Ruwala

Location: Essex

Sector: Education

Budget: Under 10k

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Team Neutrino is an F1 In Schools team at Bancroft’s School Woodford Green. We are Extremely passionate about winning F1 In Schools and we Sponsors!! In September of 2021 Team Neutrino was created, we were ready to win and sped into F1 in Schools. As we slowly prepared and started our venture into the competition. We had many of our team members leave and new ones join, we faced a time where we struggled to continue, however this only strengthened our team leaving only the most dedicated left! In the weeks coming up to the deadline our team worked as hard as ever and created our greatest creations to date, we submitted our work 2 days before the deadline and waited. On October 15th 2022 we sat down in our school and set in tension, award after award race after race we waited until the final moment. And we saw it. We had won. 2 weeks after the finals we bounced back and began to prepare for Development class, after 10 weeks we had a car done and we lead up to now. We are now ready to make it to Nationals and Worlds in Professional Class, we’ll be back to win next season!

Target Audience

Our team consists of year 9 students, but we are open to any sponsorship.

Key Dates and Timings

Our race dates are currently unknown, but we expect them to be some time early next year.

Specific Opportunity Details

As a sponsor you will receive many benefits and opportunities, depending on your investment. This includes: your logo on our car, your logo on our clothing, and be on our website. F1 in schools is a very competitive DTE STEM project, and if you do sponsor us, you could showcase this. Using your investment, we can progress to the World Finals, where the exposure would grow exponentially. We do currently have a X (twitter) account, and a website at

Features and Benefits

Depending on your investment, you can get your logo on our car, our website, our clothing and our social media! You could also advertise this, stating that you are sponsoring an F1 in schools team.

Other Partners

We currently have My Health and Wellbeing Clinic and ELS Solicitors