Taylor Jeffrey

Sponsor Name: Andrew Jeffrey

Location: UK National

Sector: Martial Arts

Budget: Under 10k

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Taylor Jeffrey is seeking sponsorship to support her as she continues to chase her dreams of becoming a professional fighter.


This is my daughter, Taylor Jeffrey. She has been training in freestyle karate for the last seven years. Last November Taylor decided that she would like to test her skills and compete on the local tournament scene.

In Taylor’s first tournament she did struggle, most of Taylor’s training had been scenario based rather that combat. Plus, the other competitors were experienced tournament fighters. Despite this Taylor managed to come away with a bronze medal in point fighting and a fourth place finish in the light continuous section.

While most people would walk away at that point this is where Taylor’s hunger grew. Not wanting to wait another four months to be able to compete again she asked to try some of the other competitions further afield as well as upping her training.

Throughout the year Taylor has been present at the majority of the bigger competitions and has been extremely successful.
Taylor Jeffrey currently holds the following titles;

Under 12 (-55kg) Light Continuous ICO British Champion

Under 12 (50+kg) Light Continuous WKU English Champion

Under 15 (-55kg) Light Continuous WKU English Champion

Under 12 (50+kg) Light Continuous British Champion

Under 13 (-55kg) Light Continous (Ring) WKO British Champion

Under 12 (-55kg) Light Continuous WKO European Champion

Under 13 (-55kg) K1 WKO European Champion

Under 14 (-55kg) Light Kickboxing (Ring) WKO World Champion

Under 15 (-55kg) Light Continuous UNIFIED World Champion

Under 15 (-55kg) K1 Low Kick UNIFIED World Champion

Since her first competition Taylor has placed in the top three of every category that she has competed in and lost narrowly to a more experienced fighter often drawing comments from officials and spectators in awe of how well she is doing considering she has so little time on the circuit and her name and face have since become recognisable, respected and feared around the country.

This year alone Taylor qualified and was asked to represent England squads for the ISKA, ICO, WKO and WKU organisations at their corresponding World Championships. Due to affordability and them all being at the same time Taylor chose to represent ICO England at the ICO World Championships in Hull from the 19th to the 22nd October and then WKO England at the Unified World Championships in Carrerra, Italy from the 24th to 29th October. Taylor came away from Hull with four silver and a bronze medal, unfortunately losing by split decisions to the same girl in each section. Again it was noted how well she had done to get the split decisions as the other girl had not lost in the last 5 years of her competing.

Had the officiating been fair in Italy then chances are Taylor would have been coming home with four gold but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Taylor did manage to bring home two golds, a silver and a bronze from her four categories which is an amazing achievement at such a young age with so little experience. Tay has one more tournament to compete at this year where she will be looking to bring home a couple more titles to round of a majorly successful first year of fighting.

As it stands there is no public funding for us to access to enable Taylor to carry on so we are looking to find some forms of sponsorship to enable her to keep chasing her dreams of becoming a professional fighter.

Taylor trains kickboxing/karate six days a week, attends the gym Monday to Friday and teaches a kids class of 20+ students on her day off, this shows her commitment and the plan is to show this daily to the public on various social media accounts. Taylor now has quite a following, becoming a bit of a local celebrity and we are being asked to create social media accounts which we have not done previously because of her age but are in the process of creating them now. Taylor fights in at least one competition a month, she would like to compete in more but financing it all is a challenge.


Target Audience

Male female 10-50

Key Dates and Timings

WKO English Open Championships 2-4 February 24
WKO European Open Championships (Ringsports) 28 April 24
WKO European Open Championships 26 May 24
WKO British Open (Ringsports) 23 June 24
WKO Open World Championships 16-18 August 24
WKO British Open 17 November 24
WKU/ICO British International Open 4-5 May 24
Many more to be announced

Specific Opportunity Details

All of the competitions that she competes in have 500-1000 fighters and even more spectators on top. Most of the competitions are also live streamed to fight websites that are subscribed to globally.