TAU Racing

Sponsor Name: Robert Eldon

Location: Scotland

Sector: Education

Budget: Under 10k

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TAU Racing are looking for sponsorship to support their team as they can offer logo exposure in return


TAU Racing – We are a formula student team from the university of Aberdeen in Scotland. Every year we design, manufacture and market a single seater race car for the iMeche formula student event. We are looking for monetary, machining, merchandise, and electrical components sponsorship. In return you will get your logo on our car, out team polos, you are welcome to visit us in our garage on the university campus or meet us on track.


Target Audience

Current 40/60 female to male split - large motorsport interest.

Key Dates and Timings

Formula student UK takes place in late July at the Silverstone race track for 5 days. We will ensure our car is fit and ready for track, we will give presentations to judges for the design of the car, the cost of the car, and for the marketing of the car. We will also compete in 'dynamic' events where the car is tested on its acceleration, braking and agility, through 4 different events.

Specific Opportunity Details

We aim to attend as many engineering or motorsport based events as we can. We plan on attending a hill climb event soon to promote our team and the university. We have roughly 60 members, 20 of which our in the committee. We have just over 1000 followers on instagram and we are growing on tiktok.

Features and Benefits

Space for logo on car and team polos. Always welcome to visit us in our garage, listen in to our meetings and 'TAU Schools' (presentation given by one of our team members or lecturer). Welcome to visit us and take part at events, such as 'Off-Shore Europe', hill-climb events etc.

Other Partners

CNOOC, Knight Engineering Solutions, Grampian Fasteners, Scotts Bearings ,Sitech Racing, Triumph, Loctite,R-tech welders, LifeRacing,


Monetary (£500 - £3000 tiers available), machining, Parts and components, tools, merchandise, camping equipment, Van hire