Supernovas Netball Club at Mixed Nationals 2024

Sponsor Name: Amber Robertson

Location: Global

Sector: Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

We are a lovely club that focuses on positive vibes only. Supernovasnetballclub on instagram. We started Women’s in 2021, Mixed June 2023! Mixed Nationals 2023 placed 8th out of 20 in the country. We are the highest placing Mixed National team in Norfolk.

Target Audience

14+ Mixed

Key Dates and Timings

Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th August. IN-ARENA BROADCAST SOCIAL MEDIA There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available at the 2024 Nationals, including both in-arena and broadcast. Sponsorship packages will vary in cost and size, and custom packages can be designed upon request. If you or someone you know would be interested in advertising at or sponsoring the 2024 National Championships, please contact us. SPONSORSHIP Including arena banners, event programme, product/service ambassadors, trophy/award sponsorship and more Including court decals, courtside sponsor logo boards, live streaming adverts and more Audience circa 14,000, including EMMNA newsletter, EMMNA website, interviews, articles, podcast and more.

Specific Opportunity Details

The entry fees for the mixed teams are £840 as attached, is there any way you would be able to sponsor us, perhaps your brand on our kit and cover the entry fees?

Features and Benefits

Branding, advertising, promotional opportunities.

Other Partners



£840 for the entry fees. Kit with your branding on.

Other Info

We are a club that has been complimented for our sportsmanship, we want to keep growing strong.