St Benedict’s RC Primary School’s Football Club

Sponsor Name: Renata Sidorenko

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

St Benedict’s RC Primary School runs a football club for 210 primary school children attending the school. The school is running football activities, participates in tournaments and cross-county games. The football club is of mixed gender (boys and girls). The school also created additional 0pportunities for girls to play football on Fridays each week. The school is publishing the pictures from football tournaments on its website as well as its Facebook page and also shares in its newsletter with parents.

Target Audience

Primary age boys and girls (Reception to Year 6) and their parents/carers. All children are included in football activities.

Key Dates and Timings

The school has the following events planned for 2024/2025 to take place both in the school and in Kent. However, please note that football kits will be washed and reused, so the brand will receive ongoing attention for at least 5 years, or until the football kits remain in good condition.
September Y4 and Y5 at Deanery Football Tournament – Squad of 12
October Intra school games - Y3/4, Y5/6 4 games each.
Summer term – Y4/5/6 Mini Youth Games football at Anchorians Football Club
Summer Term – Y4/5/6 Football League approx. ten games
Whole year – after school football – Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 (approx. 42 weeks).

Specific Opportunity Details

St. Benedict's RC Primary School has 210 children. Kids of all ages play football; however, children in Year 4, 5, and 6 participate in football tournaments. The fan base would, of course, include the parents of the 210 children as well as those children from competing schools. Therefore, this number would at least double with another school also publishing pictures from football games. The football activities take place at Lambourn Way, Chatham, Kent ME5 8PU. The games usually involve other schools located in Medway or Kent.

Features and Benefits

We can offer to have your branding on the football kits that we are going to purchase.

Other Partners

No other brands have been onboarded, we could keep your single brand if you can sponsor us.


The cost of 100 kits for the children would be £2432. We have collected quotes, and this was the cheapest we received, with the printing company quoting £24.32 per kit. If you could cover the entire amount, you would receive 100 football kits branded with the school's name and your company's brand name as the sole sponsor.

Other Info

The existing football kits stock is now torn and heavily worn and need to be replaced. We had a handful of football t shirts only (~20).