Sing, Sign and Sensory

Sponsor Name: Sara Jackson

Location: North Yorkshire, Scotland

Sector: Arts

Budget: Under 10k

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At Effectus Theatre, we are passionate about making theatre accessible to everyone. Our Sing, sign and sensory performative workshops for babies aged 0 – 24 months are a perfect way to experience the magic of theatre.

Sing, Sign & Sensory are a series of sensory performative workshops created for babies (0-24 mnths). The Project will give babies their 1st facilitated creative experiences in purpose-built inflatable sensory pods. This is an inclusive project aimed at introducing theatre to babies in community venues. The workshops are accessible & engaging for young families, focusing on communication development, bonding & sensory exploration. The workshops feature a simple narrative, animation and the sensory pods are equipped with projectors, fans, textured props & safe smells to complete a sensory experience.

Owner Sara Jackson has more than 17 years of professional experience as a performer, director and participation producer in the industry. She has undergone specialist training in baby development, communication and inclusive practice. Our Sing, Sign and Sensory experience is created with baby safety and development in mind.

Target Audience

Babies aged 0 – 24 months, and their families and carers

Key Dates and Timings

12th – 16th august 2024

Specific Opportunity Details

We will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024 at The Guilded Balloon, Patter Hoose, from August 12th – 16th 2024. The sensory pod will be touring the UK in 2024, venues include:
Rural Arts – Courthouse Thirsk
Theatre @41 Monkgate – York
Brighton Fringe 2024
Frome Festival 2024

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Other Partners

The performance has received funding from Arts Council England and Little Lives UK
We are partnering with The Gilded Balloon to bring this performance to the Edinburgh Fringe


We are looking for cash investments of £100 - £1000 And/or Products to add to our “baby shower” bag

Other Info

Why Edinburgh Fringe?
Three million people, a transformed city, and three weeks of electrifying energy! That’s the magic we bottle in the form of our beloved Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Turning everyday spaces into incredible performance stages, the festival celebrates all kinds of artists, well-known and unknown alike, across a multitude of genres. The buzz it generates reverberates through our economy, invigorating the city.
Many big names had their launch at the Fringe:
• Billy Connolly. ...
• Alan Rickman. ...
• Rowan Atkinson. ...
• John Thomson and Steve Coogan. ...
• The League of Gentleman. ...
• Sacha Baron-Cohen. ...
• The Mighty Boosh. ...
• Russell Brand.

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Our Venue Partner:
Gilded Balloon Patter House
Adam House, 3 Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1HT

Gilded Balloon is a year-round producer of comedy and events, but most renowned as one of the top venues of the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Gilded Balloon operates venues across the city and host over 200 shows per day from the pick of local and international performers. With 7 outstanding performance theatres, a box office and a stunning large bar and event space, Patter House quickly became the must-visit venue at the festival following its launch in 2019. This fabulously pink venue hub is situated across the road from the Museum on Chambers Street, just a stone’s-throw away from Teviot and Bristo Square.