Shaolin Badgers FC tour of Belgium

Sponsor Name: Walter Johnson

Location: Global

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

In 2022 we featured on El Dia Despues the Spanish equivalent of Match of the Day. This encapsulated our ethos and put us on the world stage.
• We played a marquee fixture against an Athletic Bilbao team whilst on tour in Bilbao in 2023.
• We appeared in the Lofotenposten following our historic tour to the Lofoten Islands in Norway.
• We appeared in the Bergen post following tour match in Bergen.
• We featured in the regional newspaper of Salamanca during our last tour in November 2023.
• In Valladolid we featured in El Norte de Castilla the newspaper for the Castilla region.
• We have had significant coverage in Spanish and Norwegian national newspapers.
• Your brand will be visible across Kent, London and Europe; as we are about to embark on a tour to Belgium, with some games set to be televised.
• We will be featured again on El Dia Despues in May 2024.

Target Audience

Companies that wish to flex their brand.

Key Dates and Timings

17-21st July

Specific Opportunity Details

There are three options to sponsor our high profile football club tour of Belgium.

Features and Benefits

Wide coverage throughout Europe

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Visit England
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Other Info

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