Scott Ogden Racing

Sponsor Name: Scott Ogden

Location: Europe

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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Scott Ogden is seeking sponsorship to support his racing ambitions as he prepares for the World Championship Moto 3.


My name is Scott Ogden : I am racing in World Championship Moto 3 which is the class that you ride in once making it into the Moto GP paddock. This is the 3rd season that I will compete with the MLav team, a team set up to bring British talents into the Moto GP paddock.

I was born 16-10-2003 in Doncaster but have lived in Valencia for the last 2 years to have the best access to training and to have a good central base. In 2019 I was British Moto 3 champion and British Talent cup Champion, this opened the door to my Junior World championship rides with Junior Talent team and the Aspar factory Gas Gas team with 1 win, 2 podiums, 1 pole position and 5 top 5 finishes. In 2022 I made the big step up to World Championship Moto 3. My greatest ambition is to compete in Moto GP, in my opinion there is no more prestigious paddock to be a part of than this one, with 21 different locations dotted world wide its fantastic to be a part of.

Additional Premium partners can benefit from a Premium season paddock pass to all Moto GP events including service road access, hospitality for all 21 races including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Company Logo space on my helmet and leathers (subject to negotiation), social media brand promotion; I have 12000 plus followers on instagram. In person brand promotion during my home GP at Silverstone.

Different packages can be tailor made to suit, but momentarily there are 2 Premium sponsor spots avaliable, 1 enhanced and 1 basic. Enhanced and basic include guest paddock passes for a specified number of races (without service road access), hospitality for these races and helmet and leathers logo space. Globally the TV audience is at least 400 million people across the season ( not taking into account regular, repeat viewers).


Target Audience

My target audience will appeal to a wide variety of people young and old. The UK, Spain, Italy and the USA lead the way with fan support. The sport has evolved in the last 10 years from being a more male dominated fan base to a sport that attracts males and females from the ages of 5 til 95!

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship packages run from start of the season to the end, for this year that will be Qatar round 1 runs from March 8th to March 10th, the final round is in Valencia from the 15th to 17th November. But specific rounds can be sponsored, there are 21 to chose from throughout the world.

Specific Opportunity Details

Tailor made sponsorship packages are always a possibility, myself and my assistant can offer help with transport, hotels and accommodation for the race weekend for additional costs.

Moto GP social media has grown to 15 million followers on instagram, posting a number of posts each day, on and off season. The fanbase demographic research has shown a change in recent years making Moto GP more attractive to the younger population and especially females! Surveys show that over 82% of fans have followed the sport for over 6 years which is the highest of any series studied in Motor-sport networks Global fan survey. 12000 followers on my instagram is an ideal place for brand promotion and advertising. A recent survey showed that during a race weekend Instagram is the most used social media platform, The Introduction of sustainable fuels has also been seen as a positive move.

Features and Benefits

As described above depending on the type of packet chosen, sponsors could enjoy premium paddock passes with service road access, hospitality, assistance with booking accommodation, flights and transport if required. In person brand promotions at events will be possible during all 21 races were possible. such as the wearing of clothing items.

Other Partners

For the 2024 season I have the continued sponsorship from Shark Helmets and I have taken on a new sponsor Furygan for my leathers. I will continue to work with Alpine stars for my boots.


I am not looking for promotional support, this will be a purely cash based sponsorship.

Other Info

Besides riding Motorbikes I train with a personal trainer and a group of Moto 3 and Moto 2 riders at the gym 4 days per week. I am also a very competitive road cyclist and have competed in a few competitions last year in the Volta Marina stage races. I will cycle whenever I can for condition and I also really enjoy it. I try to ride between 9 and 12 hours per week.