Savanah lowe

Sponsor Name: Savanah Lowe

Location: UK National

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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I’m a Ladies pool player from Bridlington. I’ve been playing since the age of 6. I’ve progressed rapidly and have decided to enter the following tournaments:
• IPA world championship
• ⁠Ladies EBPF tour
• ⁠ultimate mini series
• ⁠county blackball
• ⁠international rules county.
Each event streams their pool tournament in which I have the opportunity in being viewed by millions of people across the entire platforms. I’ve reached many finals where this is the case. I’ve currently reached the world championships IPA quarter final. I’m currently looking for sponsors to help continue me playing the sport. I’m looking for a small percentage to help cover the costs and in return of the sponsorship I’d have your logo on my playing shirt which is represented at each of these tournaments. I’d also give shoutouts over on my Facebook to further promote your brand. This is a great opportunity as the nations cup is in Bridlington in march where players all over the world come here for a massive tournament.

Target Audience

The event appeals to sporting associations. Including snooker. The age range is anything from 16-60 where there is a range of females and men that play.

Key Dates and Timings

There is 4 separate tournaments I play on. The IPA which is 5 tournaments through the year. The EBPF which is 5 single day events throughout the year all across the uk. The ultimate is 5 tournaments held in black pool throughout the year. county black ball which is one day every month leading up to the finals in November.

Specific Opportunity Details

Given the appropriate backing, I possess the capability to advance in these tournaments and secure a spot on the England team, which is my ultimate aspiration. As a young and emerging individual, this not only benefits me but also proves advantageous for potential sponsors, as I hold the promise of being recognized as one of the best in the country. With the right support and consistent achievements, my chances increase for collaboration with major players in the pool industry.

The International Professional Pool Association (IPA), one of the premier pool tournaments, conducts alternating competitions in Coventry and Newcastle, featuring over 250 players vying for victory. Throughout the year, the IPA hosts five tournaments, culminating in the IPA final on the Isle of Man. As the tournament concludes, female players are ranked, and the top percentage has the opportunity to attain elite status. Last year, I secured the 17th position out of 90 women, narrowly missing the elite status.

The Ultimate Pool stands as the largest pool association, boasting over 360 participants and garnering millions of views across various social media platforms. The sport's popularity has surged with notable figures like Gareth Pots and Mark Selby achieving titles. With adequate support, I could find myself competing alongside these seasoned players. Similar to the IPA, the Ultimate Pool conducts five events throughout the year, all taking place in Blackpool. The Ultimate Pool Group boasts a higher record for nurturing successful pool players.

The English Blackball Pool Federation (EBPF), the primary governing body for pool, organizes a ladies competition with five events held across different locations in the country. These locations change annually, and this year they include Mansfield, Northampton, Stoke on Trent, Manchester, and Leicester. The single-day competition, limited to 64 players, streams matches throughout the day, providing the highest-ranked player with a direct route to qualify for the Ladies England team. Last year, I reached the last 16 in three out of five events.

County Black Ball is a team event, and I am part of the South Yorkshire Ladies A team that reached the finals nationwide. This regional team event takes place within Yorkshire, where teams compete for the top spot and qualification for the National finals. Additionally, individual performance stats are recorded, offering the opportunity to trial for the Ladies England team for those finishing within the top percentage. During last year's nationals in November, a ladies competition ran alongside the team events, with 124 participants. I reached the last 16 in the ladies section.

With the right support behind me, I have the potential to achieve much more, and this serves as a significant motivator for me. Daily practice sessions with professionals, coupled with regular practice on my home pool table, contribute to my continuous improvement. While I currently have a fan base and social following of about 1000, I aim to expand this further by engaging in social media and live TikTok sessions to increase visibility.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor you would get your logo on my playing shirt which would be viewed by millions over on the streaming channels. Advertising on my personal Facebook account where I have over 1500 friends to further promote your brand.

Other Partners

No other brands are on board.


I’m looking for a small percentage of the cost of the tournaments. Around 100-200 per sponsor is the rough amount I’m looking for.