Rowan O’Malley

Sponsor Name: Ben O'Malley

Location: Midlands

Sector: Sports, Weightlifting

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Rowan O’Malley is looking for sponsorship to support his promotion of youth development as he is set to achieve more of his goals.


Rowan O’Malley is a world record holding youth powerlifter, widely recognised as the world’s strongest kid. Rowan showcases his training weekly through his social media channels as he prepares to set more world records. Rowan is looking to work with a partner organisation keen to share in his passion to promote youth development through consistently working towards achieving amazing goals.


Target Audience

All ages who are interested in youth development and exceptional achievement.

Key Dates and Timings

There are two key events in over the next 12 months in Rowan's schedule. The USAPL Dublin, Ireland in February 2024 and the USAPL Youth Nationals in South Carolina, US in June 2024. Rowan is training weekly to set new world records in 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

Google 'world's strongest schoolboy' and you'll find the top hit is Rowan. He has appeared on national tv and been featured in national newspapers, plus many more online outlets.

Rowan has social media channels where he shares his training and weekly activities.

Features and Benefits

We are happy to offer brand association, advertising, product sampling and event presence and more.

Other Partners

Rowan has no contracted arrangement with any other sponsors.


£5000 for a 12 month period. The main expense Rowan incurs is travel for competing.