Reuben Beresford

Sponsor Name: Reuben Beresford

Location: North West


Budget: Budget Varies

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Reuben Beresford is a a a up and coming professional mma fighter from Liverpool, England, training and fighting out of The MMA Academy Liverpool and Liverpool Combat Academy.

Reuben has had 11 amateur fights, claiming a regional British title and ranking in the top 10 in the UK and Ireland.

As a big ticket seller and a decent size social media following (6K and growing) the help of a sponsor would benefit me and your business as wide spread advertising and promotion all through out my career.

Since the age of 16, Reuben has been training as a full time athlete and has been under The MMA Academy Liverpool for 10 years+ under high level coaches. Reuben is keen to progress and learn in his martial arts journey

Reuben is looking for Sponsorship that will help him in his professional journey and focus on training full time

If you are interested in helping Reuben with his journey or working with him then we look forward to hearing from you.

Target Audience

I have supporters of all ages ranging from 5 to 50+/ Companies that are interested in combat sports athletes

Key Dates and Timings

Reuben would like a sponsorship deal to enable him to focus on his MMA career full time.
Sponsorship terms I am looking for-
Fight Kit Sponsorship - Product sponsorship; Training and fight kit etc....
Paid Sponsorship - Travel/Training expenses, set salary i.e. monthly salary
Length of Sponsorship - how many fight deals, recurring sponsorship

Specific Opportunity Details

Instagram- Reuben.b.2
Facebook - Reuben Beresford
Gym - MMA Academy Liverpool / Liverpool Combat Academy
Your business will be listed on Reuben's social media which has a combined 6K following
With this foundation I can showcase your business to a wider range of people as this continues your business will be presented on my fight kit.

Features and Benefits

All company branding will be shown on my fight kit and fan t shirts as well as being tagged and displayed on every social media platform on a regular basis. Your brand will also be displayed on all live TV or YouTube channels when fighting.

There are many opportunities for branding, on his fight wear and media platforms, also in interviews. Please see Reuben's media platforms which have been linked.

Other Partners

Date night away and Temple Sport


Open to discussion