Peter Pretty Boy Booth

Sponsor Name: Peter Booth

Location: North West

Sector: Boxing

Budget: Budget Varies

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Peter pretty Boy booth is looking for sponsorship to progress his passion for boxing and pursue his career as he hopes to become a world champion.


Peter pretty Boy Booth – I am a up and coming professional boxer Bolton but I am now fighting put of Carrington Manchester under Gary Booth. I have 18 amateur fights winning multiple titles such as the MTK championships and regional championships.

After my last fight on the NW regional finals I have decided I wanted to turn professional and pursue my career and my dream of becoming unified world champion.

As a big ticket seller and a decent size social media following (500+ and growing) the help of a sponsor would benefit me and your business as wide spread advertising and promotion all through out my career.

Ever since being a little boy I have always trained like a professional coming home from school and going for a run and then boxing training at the gym in the evening and along the way I have trained with world level coaches such as Joe Gallagher and Anthony Corrola learning a lot of things and always keen to learn more.

Now I have settled at M31 Boxing Academy in Carrington being trained by ex professional fighter Gary Booth who has trained many great champions (the likes of Joey Vegas and Ruben Groenewald). Being with Gary I have learned many things that I can now have in my arsenal for when I make my pro debut in Germany early in the new year. And with these skills I fully believe that I have what it takes to make it in the sport of boxing and achieving my goals of becoming unified champion.

I’ve boxed since the age of 6, sacrificing most of my childhood and teenage years to the sport of boxing and with my obsession I truly do not believe I can fail.


Target Audience

I have supporters of all ages ranging from 5 to 50+

Key Dates and Timings

My professional debut will be Germany in January before then fighting several times throughout the year in Manchester.

Specific Opportunity Details

Unlike some professional boxers, I am looking to make my professional debut in Germany and is looking to travel several times throughout the up coming year.

With this foundation I can showcase your business to a wider range of people as this continues your business will be presented on my fight kit.

Your business will also be posted on my social media pages with a combined following of 500+ followers from all around the world (and growing).

Features and Benefits

All company branding will be shown on my fight kit and fan t shirts as well as being tagged and displayed on every social media platform on a regular basis. Your brand will also be displayed on all live TV or YouTube channels when fighting.

Other Partners

As it stands I do not have any other sponsors.


Investment: I was looking for part time or full time contracts that will aid with the cost of training and transport aswell as my fight kit and any equipment needed to help progress my career.

Other Info

Boxing requires not only hard work but rest also so with your help as sponsors it will allow me to maybe take some time of work closer to fight dates which will aid in my performance both in and out of the ring. With this rest I can ensure that the level I am at now will double if not tripple with the ability to do so.