Paisley Radio

Sponsor Name: Paul Wycherley

Location: Scotland

Sector: Radio Station

Budget: Budget Varies

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Paisley Radio are a multi award winning digital radio station that are seeking sponsorship to support them as they build and grow.


Paisley Radio broadcast to 195 countries and it is available to any home, office, or building that has internet so they can tune in to our live station. We started in 2020 and have overcome a global pandemic that all but ended any advertising revenue. We have regular listners in the UK, USA, Asia Australia and parts of Europe. We are 3x winners of prestige Scotland radio station of the year award.

We require a sponsor to help us build on our rise. In return you will get professional advertising on our station daily as well as a piece on our website and social media sites. We are very good at promoting business and are very easy to work with and very adaptable and professional. Feel free to get in touch for any questions.

Currently we average just over 812,000 listeners per week with 48,000 of them being in Scotland.


Target Audience

Our biggest audience age group is 26-44yrs old the split as of February stats was female 51% male 49%. Our audience is spread out over UK, Europe, Asia, America and Australia. In February 2024 it was usa 29% the UK 26% Europe 17% South America 13% Australia 9% and Asia 6%

Key Dates and Timings

The length of sponsorship is negotiable, we would prefer either a 6 month or 12 month deal, however we understand the current financial cost and struggles people are going through so we are willing to negotiate the length.

Specific Opportunity Details

We can guarantee if you sponsored our station you will get a Global audience that will get to hear about your company/organisation and what you do.

You will also get the positive feedback by being associated with a radio station that truly cares about the audience. We have regular 18-30 age groups listening and our biggest listening age group is 26-44 years old. Our listening figures we average just over 812,000 per week, social media each post we put up is seen by over 1,000 people.

Features and Benefits

As our sponsor you will get exposure globally and on a daily basis. Every show will advertise you/your company and every social media post will have you/your company listed as the station sponsor. We could even host a live party for your company if required, a type of office party that will be broadcasted live around the world.

Other Partners



We're looking for up to £250,000 that be for 12 months sponsorship. As stated before we are willing to negotiate.

Other Info

It's not often a global digital platform opens the door for sponsorship and especially one that is multi award winning. We can give you/your company exposure on a worldwide stage, daily.

You won't be able to get that for the price we are offering. We are very good at what we do and this is a exciting opportunity and time with everything now moving over to digital. Feel free to ask any questions.