eCo: Connect

Sponsor Name: Angus Cameron

Location: UK National

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: Under 10k

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Ootiboo CIC are seeking sponsorship to support for their community interest company developing creative projects for schools and families at home.


Ootiboo CIC is a community interest company developing meaningful creative projects for schools and families at home. All projects are offered for free to ensure inclusivity. The company employs creativity to engage children on a diverse range of essential real-world topics including financial education, climate adaptation, healthy choices and empathy, as well as facilitating creative competitions throughout the year.

Ootiboo is a little over two years old, and in that time has not only built a strong partnership with Farshore Books, but also worked with celebrities and brands including Ant & Dec, Deborah Meaden, Winnie-The-Pooh and Mr. Men Little Miss. Ootiboo’s mission is to emphasise and improve the understanding that creativity is needed for problem-solving and innovation (vital future skills), and to provide valuable real-world learning opportunities for schoolchildren.

Ootiboo is seeking synergetic organisations that see the value in investing into the future generation.

Target Audience

Our key audience is schoolchildren aged 6-14, teachers, parents and the wider environmental community. This is designed to be an international project to attract English speaking schools from anywhere around the world. ootiboo is currently focused in the UK with 125 schools (reach of 38,000 students) but is beginning to expand internationally with schools from Germany and Malta recently joining the platform.

Key Dates and Timings

The project launched at the end of April 2024. The aim is for eCo: Connect to be a rolling project with no end date with up to six questions added each school year.

Specific Opportunity Details

eCo: Connect
Each school term a question is posed from an environmental or sustainability professional around their specific expertise for schoolchildren to debate. The thoughts and ideas that form the students answer are shared by teachers on a moderated forum. The content is public for all to see and the contributor of the question and other schools can reply to encourage further debate.

Our aim is to provide a constructive framework to the climate challenge and connect schoolchildren with the changemakers of today, in order to give them a voice and inspire them to be the change makers of tomorrow.

A pilot for the project has been launched on the ootiboo digital platform with the first question posed by Marc Backey who wrote the sustainable development goals for the United Nations for 2030.

Features and Benefits

The sponsor will have branding on the dedicated eCo: Connect project page hosted on the ootiboo digital platform - The clickable partner badge leads to a partnerships page with more information about the partner and the collaboration with ootiboo.

The sponsor will have the option to be able to respond to answers from students.

The sponsor will be included in ootiboo social media posts (Instagram / Facebook).

Other Partners

We are looking for a single engaged and synergetic partner for this project.


£8,500 (duration of 1 year - option to renew) for sourcing question contributors, contributor fees, preparing contributor question pages on the ootiboo digital platform, moderation of answers, project promotion, building engagement with schools internationally and an impact report for the sponsor.

Other Info

eCo: Connect is part of a wider eCo education initiative that ootiboo is developing including sustainable energy workshops and climate adaptation programs. The projects will be interconnected to increase exposure and engagement.