Nathan McCann – Professional Golf Tournaments

Sponsor Name: Nathan McCann

Location: UK National

Sector: Golf

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Nathan McCann is seeking sponsorship to support him as he takes part in Professional Golf Tournaments across Scotland.


Nathan McCann – Professional Golf Tournaments: I’m a second year PGA student studying and playing Professional golf in Scotland. I currently work at Arbroath Golf Links where I coach and work in the pro shop when not travelling for tournaments. With your sponsorship, I would be able to broadcast your company/organisation all across Scotland as well as across social media. I would also be open to doing open clinics with clients, speaking about golf and also conducting lesson clinics.


Key Dates and Timings

I am looking sponsorship for 2024 season.

Specific Opportunity Details

Ultimately the opportunities that I can present stem the entirity of Scotland; there is a lot of national coverage across the UK and Ireland of PGA events and with sponsorship your company logo and brand can be on full display to over 72 million people. At Arbroath there are also 400 members that I have direct contact to as well as over 50 clients that I teach that I can first hand promote your brand.

Other Partners

The main brand that I have sponsoring me is Taylormade Golf for all of my equipment needs. I do not have a clothing partner would prodominately rep Under Armour clothing.


I am ideally looking around £3,000 but am open to any help whether it be product/promotional support.