M47T Racing

Sponsor Name: Anna Thomas

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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Matthew (M47T Racing) is looking for sponsorship to support him throughout the motorsport season after excelling in previous years.


M47T Racing – Matthew is 10 years old and he is competing in Fab Racing championship on motorbikes. He is finishing his 3rd year in the championships, and has excelled in all the seasons he has competed in. His first year he finished 2nd in the rookie class, second year he finished 3rd in the AC40 pro class, and this year he has been racing in two classes, LC40 Elite and he is battling for 2nd in the class and he has made a jump onto a larger bike which is a metrakit 50GP. And he is top three rookie riders in that class, the other riders have done a season or two. If you would like to sponsor him then you will be able to your business logo on his bike or his leathers and it will be advertised on all his social media accounts if you would like that.


Target Audience

Everyone who watches the channel that is.

Key Dates and Timings

The Fab Racing season runs from April to October with one race a month.
But then there is winter training that happens and that is in the UK when the weather allows us to use karting tracks and in Spain.

Specific Opportunity Details

All the races are recorded and broadcasted live on Fab Racing you tube channel. And the channel is shared multiple times to get a wider fan base.
Matthew has his own social media which is M47Tracing on Facebook and Instagram, they are updated and all the sponsor are all tagged in the posts.

Features and Benefits

The sponsor would get a decal for the bike and mentioned on social media. They are welcome to come and watch a race if they would like.


We are looking for sponsors to help with the cost of running the bikes such as financial support or product support.