Lands end to John O’ Groats Hike

Sponsor Name: Craig Mosley

Location: UK National

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Craig Mosley is seeking sponsorship to support him on his next venture Lands end to John O’ Groats Hike which will be for charity.


My name is Craig Mosley, and I am reaching out to you with an exciting and ambitious venture that I am undertaking – a Lands End to John O’ Groats hike, commencing on the 1st of May.

This epic journey, covering approximately 1105 miles, will take me through some of the most picturesque landscapes of the United Kingdom, from the southernmost point of England to the northernmost tip of Scotland.

The hike is not just a personal challenge, but also an opportunity to raise awareness and support for Multiple Sclerosis (which I suffer from) and Myositis charity (which my daughter Elise Amy Mosley passed away due to Myositis) and mental health wellbeing.

In 2023 we hiked the south coast of England (700 miles), Margate to Lands’ End, which received a lot of interest on social media. (“End to End hike for charity” on Facebook and Instagram)

I am reaching out to you because I believe in the power of collaboration, and your company’s values resonate with the spirit of adventure, perseverance, and community. As I embark on this journey, I am seeking sponsorship to help cover the costs associated with the hike, such as travel, equipment, and sustenance. In return for your sponsorship, I am prepared to offer prominent visibility for your company throughout my expedition. This includes featuring your logo on my hiking gear, social media updates, blog posts, and any media coverage that the journey may attract. Additionally, I would be delighted to discuss any specific promotional opportunities or branding initiatives you may have in mind.

You can find me, and my last hike earlier this year (with photographs), on Facebook and Instagram under the heading “End to End hike for charity”.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I am eagerly anticipating the journey ahead and the possibility of having your esteemed company as a key supporter.

Best regards,
Mr Craig Mosley

Target Audience

We have followers on Facebook and Instagram (End to End hike for charity).

Key Dates and Timings

Starting on the 1st May 2024 allowing 8 months but estimating about 4.

Specific Opportunity Details

Your support would not only contribute to the success of this personal challenge but also make a meaningful impact on the cause I am championing. I am confident that this venture will receive considerable attention, providing a unique platform for your company to showcase its commitment to adventure, health, and community engagement.

I would be honoured to discuss this opportunity further and explore how we can create a mutually beneficial partnership. Please let me know a convenient time for a meeting or call at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for considering my proposal. I am eagerly anticipating the journey ahead and the possibility of having your esteemed company as a key supporter.

Features and Benefits

Photos are taken daily and added to our social media accounts for our followers and to gain more interest.
Advertising your product or company would benefit us both.

We are also members of Hiking and Walking groups and this would also reach a wider audience.

Other Partners

We currently advertise our chosen charities, MS UK (Which I suffer from so this wont be an easy task) and Myositis UK (which my daughter passed away from).


Any support would be greatly appreciated....Especially advertising.