KTB Motorsport

Sponsor Name: Kevin Taylor-Beeby

Location: Essex, Midlands

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Kevin Taylor-Beeby, KTB Motorsport, is looking for sponsorship to support him throughout 2024 as he prepares to compete.


KTB Motorsport – My name is Kevin Taylor-Beeby, I am a 24 year old kart driver and race mechanic. I am a driver based in Leicestershire who has always had a passion for motorsport, to either be a mechanic within it or as a driver. My racing experience started in 2019 at Teamsport , winning local races until 2021 when I gave a larger commitment to racing. With this larger commitment in 2021 I was spending at least two days a month at my local track and any days/weekends away I would make effort to do at least one race session at the local circuit. I entered the British Indoor Karting Championship (BIKC) for the first time as a middleweight unaware that my weight with my racing kit on actually qualified me as a heavyweight, however still disadvantaged I earned 5th place at my locals and didn’t move onto the regional championship round due to conflicting schedules.

For 2022, I put more time into my racing, racing weekly at my local track, as well as travelling to race at other circuits. KTB Motorsport became well known on several Teamsport circuits, receiving praise from staff and BIKC winners alike. Following that, I entered again into the BIKC as a heavyweight, taking 3rd at the local round and moving onto the regional round where I had a poor qualifying starting dead last due to a failing kart and fought my way up to 4th in the grand final which even included a mechanical failure of the fuel tank rupturing and covering me in fuel, but I stayed on focus and finished that race 4th, sadly one place of the national championship. During 2022, I also had the opportunity to drive a Formula 1000 car and a genuine Jordan 2004 Formula 1 car and was immediately confident in them both, pushing hard and taking the cars to their limits.

In 2023, buoyed by my own progress in the BIKC, I entered local championships, where I would win or be fighting for the win and continued my passion of travelling around to race at other circuits for more experience. I again entered the BIKC where at my local round I dominated, topping practice, qualifying and leading the entire race without any attempts made at my lead. At the regional round, I again set the pace with a pole position over champions from all over the region from above London to Manchester. In the races themselves, I won multiple but again like 2022 got stung by a mechanical failure with the brakes failing on lap 1 and ploughing into a wall. Even with this set back however I still was able to overall earn 3rd position and move onto the national BIKC championship.

At the national championship November 2023, I was again a top runner, getting P2 in qualifying only to get crashed into at turn 1 lap 1 ruining any chances of my championship, however I refused to let this get to me and pushed on getting P2 in the second race. I kept this pace up the remainder of the day, earning a spot in the grand finale, sadly at the back due to my first race luck but it showed without that crash out of my control I would have been starting that race in the top 3 guaranteeing me a podium finish or even a shot at victory.

With this success in 2023, I will be racing in the full Club 100 series next year, again entering into the BIKC and currently in talks to potentially drive for a large company in EnduroKA. Along with those I am currently participating in a scholarship to hopefully race in the BRSCC city car cup for 2024.


Target Audience

Primarily male 16-50, most commonly motorsport surroundings but as I'm racing within a national karting company there is also present people who normally wouldn't be present at a motorsport event be it for stag does or supporting family.

Key Dates and Timings

The Club 100 series I will be running in will run from February 25th until November 24th.
The BIKC runs from July into November.
During the entire year I will be racing whether in a championship round or not giving extra exposure.
Further series would be subject to confirmation.

Specific Opportunity Details

Subject to funding and sponsorship levels, I plan in competing in at least 80 separate race events nationwide over 2024 in karts at a minimum with potential to be racing cars as well. Following this the plan for 2025 would be to in cars as a definite and continue in the Club 100. I have started to create a currently small but growing following on social media and will be pursuing motorsport content creation throughout 2024 onwards aiming for weekly uploads to YouTube/TikTok, in that I would incorporate any sponsors into content shown and posts made with a willingness to discuss any changes needed to be made to best suit your organisation.

Features and Benefits

Your organisation would benefit from having their brand name on my suit, helmet and potentially on my car. I can promote your brand at kart tracks nationwide professionally and smartly. I can also provide publicity for your organisation though all my social media activity, posting videos and photos from my events where your brand is shown, and through any specific social media product promotion. Many of my events such as the BIKC are live-streamed on YouTube reaching an even greater audience.

Other Partners

I will be running a Apex suit next year along with a bell helmet.


I am hoping to build long term relationships with my sponsors, I have a price plan for space on the suit for a cash investment with pricing that's competitive. Any other forms of support I'd love if your organization reached out and we could discuss.