Kick For A Cure

Sponsor Name: Jack Gash

Location: London

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

We are a large scale influencer charity match taking place at Leyton Orient FC.

Target Audience

Our event appeals to football enthusiasts, particularly in the teenage and young adult demographic. Our fans are typically aged 15-24 highly social, and passionate about sports and charitable causes. They represent a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, but share a common love for football and a desire to support meaningful initiatives like breast cancer research.

Key Dates and Timings

The event is scheduled for 31st May. Sponsorship would be required leading up to the event and would last throughout its duration.

Specific Opportunity Details

The opportunity to become the primary sponsor for the influencer charity match event, gaining significant visibility through front-of-shirt branding on both teams’ kits. We have a growing user base of football enthusiasts in the teenage and young adult demographic, with a substantial social media presence. Partnering with us provides access to this engaged audience, showcasing your brand to potential customers who share a passion for football. A potential partner should get involved to align their brand with a meaningful cause, gain exposure to a targeted demographic, and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.

Features and Benefits

As the primary sponsor, you would receive prominent branding opportunities, including front-of-shirt placement on both teams’ kits, logo placement on promotional materials and live stream broadcasts, and the naming rights for the event trophy. Additionally, you would benefit from extensive exposure on our social media pages, with opportunities for targeted advertising and engagement with our audience. We also offer the choice of half-time entertainment to promote your company and VIP tickets for the match to be shared among your team or given out to app users.

Other Partners

At this stage, we do not have any other brands confirmed as sponsors for the event. However, we are actively seeking partnerships with brands that share our commitment to supporting charitable causes and engaging with our target audience.


We are seeking £5,400 to cover for the cost of stadium rental.

Other Info

Our event offers a unique opportunity for brands to align themselves with a meaningful cause while gaining exposure to a targeted demographic of football enthusiasts. By partnering with us, brands can showcase their commitment to social responsibility, engage with our passionate fan base, and support the important work of breast cancer research. We are dedicated to ensuring that our sponsors receive maximum value and exposure, and we’re excited about the possibility of working together to make this event a success.