Judokai Romford

Sponsor Name: vasilica iulian Fuioaga

Location: Essex


Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

My name is Julian and we have a judo club with 25 members till now in Romford, Essex. We participate to lots of competitions nationally and internationally and I like to help the kids and the parents with the cost for the few competitions. We can wear the sponsor logo on our judogi, tracksuits and t-shirts at the competitions everywere we go.

Target Audience

All the events are with 300 judo players plus the parents in big sports arena like UEL, Docklands. Most of the competitions are in London area but we have few in Shefield like British National.

Key Dates and Timings

The nationally competitions are mostly every month but internationally we go 2 times a year because is expensive for the parents.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our club is part of british judo association and we addvertise on the facebook and instagram. We have our website www.judokai.co.uk and we always welcome for new members. The majority of the players are from Romford area. We train 2 times a week in one hall locally.

Features and Benefits

We can wear the sponsorhip branding on our tracksuits and judogi where everyone can see when the fighters are on the mat and coaches are coaching the players from the side of the mat.

Other Partners

We don't have any brand


We are looking for £3000 foe the competion and to reward the kids for the medals they won and winning

Other Info

We have one english nationally champion and one bronze medalist at the british nationals and we are looking to win more medals this year.