Jamie Green

Sponsor Name: Jamie Green

Location: London

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

Jamie Green is looking for sponsorship to support his motorsport passion as he wishes to continue this career.


Jamie Green – I drive go karts competitively and am looking for a sponsor to help and continue my career. I can hand out flyers I’m my local area advertising your company as well as adding your company to my helmet and suit when I race to increase brand exposure. Some of my races should be live streamed next year meaning more people will see your company name and we can work together to build are dreams.


Target Audience

My event ranges from a young age all the way to old age as it’s an exciting and action packed sport!

Key Dates and Timings

I’m happy to start the sponsorship as soon as possible and how long it can last for can be discussed between me and you for the perfect and respectful outcome.

Specific Opportunity Details

I have a newly created Instagram account fast rising and a TikTok account with 1.3k followers

I believe a partner should get involved as I can promote your business on my social media pages and add your company logos to my helmet and suit to promote you.

Like I said I should be live streamed next year meaning more people will see your name and company.

I hopefully am racing around the country ranging from London all the way up to Wales.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor, your name can be printed onto my suit and on my helmet. I can also offer brand exposure and promotion on my Instagram page and anything you desire.

You can watch any of my races if you wish to and please feel free to ask any questions.

Other Partners

In the past, I have been sponsored by demontweeks but we decided not to renew this sponsorship.


I am looking for enough money to fund my races and the amount can be discussed.

Other Info

I’m 16 years old and working full time. I love motorsports and I’m friendly so any questions then please ask 👍