Jakub Milczarski Racing

Sponsor Name: Jack Milczarski

Location: Midlands

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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Hi, my name is Jakub Milczarski, a 12-year-old, who lives in Shepshed (United Kingdom). I have been a karting driver in the UK since November 2021.

I tried indoor karting for the first time in my life in November 2021 and I would never have expected it to become my biggest passion. I have been competing with significantly better rivals my age, learning a lot from them as well as discovering my driving skills at the same time.

After a couple of months, I started gaining better results than my peers winning a first-ever edition of Cadet League 2021 at TeamSport in Leicester.

I tried my best in BIKC 2022 (British Indoor Karting Championship) winning The Regional Final in Leeds and qualifying for National Finals at Warrington.

After winning a second edition of Cadet League 2022 at TeamSport in Leicester I have decided to move and do my best in outdoor karting competing in Club100 Cadet Championship and Inkart Daytona Tamworth Championship. Winning Club100 Cadet Academy where I was competing with 62 best cadet drivers in the UK finishing P6 in general standing.

I placed multiple times on the podium in Inkart Championship at Tamworth winning many races.

I have competed in many indoor and outdoor championships throughout my short career. I have earned excellent results, leading me to achieve over 40 trophies with many podiums and wins.

Last season, I competed in the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK for the first time, where as a rookie driver, I won the championship in my category. It was a really tough season for me, competing against some of the best karting drivers in the UK in the junior category. I learned a lot, but there is still a lot of hard work to be done.
Ahead of me is another exciting season in the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK. This time, I won’t be a novice driver anymore – it won’t be easy.

Think about a good result during the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK I must prepare myself well. Spend more time in my seat. I have to ensure more and more practice on the circuits, which is associated with much greater costs than I planned at the beginning of the season.

I know that I am ready for this challenge. I work very hard and I’m incredibly passionate about my karting journey and with your sponsorship, I will be able to excel in my motorsport career and achieve my dreams. But I can only think of a positive result with excellent preparation and support.

For individuals who would like to support me with any amount, I would be extremely grateful.

For business owners and motorsport enthusiasts, I have prepared a special offer.

Thank you for your attention, I hope you will enjoy watching me on the track…

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Jakub Milczarski

Target Audience

1. Motorsport enthusiasts: People who are passionate about motorsports and enjoy watching or participating in racing events. 2. Karting enthusiasts: Individuals who specifically have an interest in karting and follow the sport closely. 3. Young drivers: As karting is often seen as a stepping stone to higher-level racing, I may also aim to attract young drivers who are aspiring to pursue a career in motorsports. 4. Families: Karting can be a fun and exciting activity for families to enjoy together, so targeting families who are looking for a thrilling experience could be beneficial. 5. Local community: Engaging with my local community and promoting karting as a recreational activity can help attract individuals who are interested in trying out karting for leisure.

Key Dates and Timings

Kart Race weekends:
23-24.03.2024 - Round 1 Shenington.
20-21.04.2024 - Round 2 Llandow.
18-19.05.2024 - Round 3 Hooton Park
15-16.06.2024 - Round 4 Clay Pigeon.
20-21.07.2024 - Round 5 Little Rissington
17-18.08.2024 - Round 6 Rowrah.
21-22.09.2024 - Round 7 Glan Y Gors.
05-06.10.2024 - Round 8 Whilton Mill.

Sponsors karting days and Jakub’s practice days:
21.02.2024 - Whilton Mill
02.03.2024 - Little Rissington
09.03.2024 or 16.03.2024 - Shenington
06.04.2024 or 13.04.2023 - Llandow
11.05.2024 - Hooton Park
08.06.2024 - Clay Pigeon
13.07.2024 - Little Rissington
10.08.2024 or 16.08.2024 - Rowrah
07.09.2024 or 14.09.2024 - Glan Y Gors
25.09.2024 or 27.09.2024 - Whilton Mill
*These dates will remain provisional untill 1st March 2024.

BTCC race weekends with Mini Challenge UK VIP HOSPITALITY:
27-28.04.2024 – Donington Park National
11-12.05.2024 – Brands Hatch Indy
25-26.05.2024 – Snetterton 300
22-23.06.2024 – Oulton Park
27-28.07.2024 – Croft
10-11.08.2024 – Knockhill
5-6.10.2024 – Brands Hatch GP

Specific Opportunity Details

We are thrilled to present a sponsorship opportunity
for Jakub's 2024 racing season in the prestigious
Daniel Ricciardo Series UK. As a dedicated and ambitious
young driver, Jakub is positioned for extraordinary success
in both personal development and competitive racing.
Your partnership as a sponsor promises unique benefits,
offering enhanced brand visibility and association with
a rising star in motorsports.

Features and Benefits

Benefits for Sponsors:
Kart or Race Car - Track Day Development Days:
Engage in exclusive track day development sessions,
gaining insights into the dynamic world of motorsports
and experiencing firsthand Jakub's skill progression.

The chance to meet with clients and sponsor
representatives during events accompanying the races
or at corporate events where each sponsor and their guests
will have an opportunity to feel like a racing driver.

Available Equipment for cooperate events:
Kart IAME X30
Fiesta ST150*
Fiesta ST240*
Hot Laps: Mini Challenge UK - JCW*
*Car Development Days will be booked with Maks Solarski -
Race Driver of JamSport Racing

Track Visibility:
Enjoy prominent visibility through strategic logo placements
on the racing kart, helmet, suit and flags, ensuring exposure during
live broadcasts on DRS events on YouTube.

Access to the Team:
Be part of the racing experience with exclusive
access to the team, fostering direct connections
with Jakub and the crew.

Participation in Events:
Experience the thrill of sports events firsthand,
including meet-and-greet sessions with Jakub
and an opportunity to participate in various sports

Social Media Collaboration:
Leverage Jakub's active social media presence for
brand promotion. Regular updates, race highlights,
and exclusive behind-the-scenes content will be
shared to engage fans and promote sponsors.

Our Vision of Cooperation:
Our vision is to establish a
mutually beneficial partnership,
where sponsors actively
contribute to Jakub's success
while enjoying a strong and
positive brand association
with his promising career.

Our Goals:
Our primary goals for the 2024
season include securing a Top 5
position in the DRS UK series,
competing in the Easykart World
Championships in Italy, and
consistently improving lap times
for better race results.

Our Competitive Advantages:
Our proposal is strategically tailored
to align with the demographic and
interests of the target audience,
ensuring a personalized and effective
sponsorship approach. Visualizations
showcasing Jakub's racing kart with
sponsor logos on race suit have been
created to provide sponsors with
a preview of their brand exposure
during the races.

Other Info


We look forward to discussing this sponsorship proposal further
and exploring how your brand can benefit from an association
with Jakub in the upcoming racing season. Please contact us at
Jack Milczarski 07918434433
for further enquiries.

Thank you for considering this exciting collaboration!