International boxer Callum Parkins

Sponsor Name: Callum Parkins

Location: London

Sector: Boxing

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

My name is Callum Parkins, I’m 17 years old and I’m a National and International level amateur boxer. competing out of Kent, England. I plan to compete in 4 national championships and at least 5 international championships by this time next year and from then on I wish to keep a similar busy competition schedule until I turn professional in a few years. However I can no longer afford the travel and living expenses needed for me to keep competing. I wish to team up with a sponsor so I can use my platform to boost their business whilst also having the money to compete in the sport I love.

Target Audience

I get a lot of travellers watching my fights and most of them I know are labourers, scaffolders ect. My fights are watched by hundred of people of all ages and demon graphics.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship is required soon as as possible so I can pay for the expenses required for me to compete in my next national competion in September. The sponsorship will last until I book my place on the GB squad in mid 2025.

Specific Opportunity Details

A partner should get involved with me because after my fights I get to do interviews and can shout out their brand and products to the hundreds of people watching online. My fights are always staged in front of hundreds of people and sponsors would get good exposure if there logo was on my shorts or vest .As well as this all shoutouts of the brand would go out to my 450 instagram followers so the business would really get promoted wells

Features and Benefits

-logo on shorts
-logo on vest
-shoutouts in interviews
-Instagram story shoutouts
- Instagram post shoutouts

Other Partners

I don’t have any other brand on board


£750 a month

Other Info

If you give me this opportunity of a sponsorship I will use all my power to promote your brand as much as possible as a thank you for believing in me.