Ingrid Cochrane

Sponsor Name: Ingrid Cochrane

Location: Global

Sector: Arts

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Ingrid Cochrane, a very talented dance from Scotland, has been chosen to train at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. This opportunity was gained after 14 years of training and sacrifice. The dance school is one of the world leaders and Ingrid would be able to tag the sponsor to the Joffrey name, wear merchandise, create personalised content for the sponsor, mention the sponsor in her personal weekly blog and promote the sponsor online and in Joffrey events and training sessions. The opportunity includes a chance to appear on Broadway.
Ingrid is a well educated, articulate, confident young woman and she would find innovative and interesting ways to promote the sponsor brand. She would be taking auk brand to an international as well as national audience.
This is an opportunity for a dance brand or dance/fitness associated brand. It could benefit a dance competition company, studio, dance wear, dance shoe brand or fitness attire.

Target Audience

Mostly female, dance professionals, interested in the arts

Key Dates and Timings

The course starts in September 2024 and runs for 4 years if we raise enough money to be able to keep her there the full course. If it comes to it, she can re register year on year and any sponsorship relationship can be renegotiated.

Specific Opportunity Details

The Joffrey Ballet School has offered her a place in the 4 year BFA degree. The school exposes students to myriad industry professionals and opportunities in New York and training at Joffrey opens many doors.
The fan base is mainly concentrated on Instagram, where she is followed by industry professionals and other dancers (300).
This could be start of a high profile career, and a sponsor could be a part of that.

Features and Benefits

Wearing the brand in Joffrey classes and at Joffrey events
Tagging on social media posts
Mentions in weekly vlogs
Personalised content, such as being the scenes footage for the sponsor.

Other Partners

None yet.


£10000 - £50000

Other Info

We are willing to accept any sponsor support, and are willing to negotiate for different prices.