Harry Jones – Triathlete

Sponsor Name: Harry Jones

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

I would not only like to work with a partner for this particular event, but potentially for my athletic career. I think it looks quite professional when an athlete has been working with a partner or company for a long duration. From an athlete’s perspective it really helps out financially to find their career as it does consume an incredible amount of expenses. However, hashing that athlete/partnership is extremely important. I know I have this to offer as a potential ambassador. I would love to working with someone not just who is willing to support my but also has faith and hope in what I do and that goes for me too.

Target Audience

Specifically triathlon, but in saying that I don’t really have a specific demographic with the sport of triathlon growing and crowning every year in terms of how many people are participating. However, specifically I’d like to focus on sports and fitness avenues.

Key Dates and Timings

The Multisport would championships are held for ten days between August 15th - 25th 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

I moved to the UK in 2020 in order to pursue a career of becoming a world class triathlete. I’m short, it’s been increasingly difficult with the global pandemic, but this year the world Multisport world championships are held in my home town in Australia. I would love to qualify and compete in my home town. I think it would make a lovely story

Features and Benefits

I don’t think there is one answer for every company out there that sponsor athletes within ambassador programs. I would like to discuss what the company or business would like me to do. On top of that I think working out what will suit us both will be the most viable option.

Other Partners

At the moment I don’t have any brands that are essentially supporting my journey financially, however I have brands that I’m working with that help me out in return with discounted products. I