Sponsor Name: Anthony Matthew

Location: North West

Sector: Boxing

Budget: 10k - 50k

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About Our Organisation
Welcome to BrainBoxCollective, the premier event organizer dedicated to delivering exciting and memorable experiences. Our upcoming student boxing event is designed to not only showcase young athletic talent but also create a vibrant community gathering that promotes health, wellness, and entertainment. We are passionate about fostering a positive impact through our events, and we invite you to join us as a valued partner in this endeavor.

Benefits to Sponsors
Partnering with us as a sponsor offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility, reputation, and engagement with a dynamic audience. Here’s how we can benefit you as a partner:

Brand Exposure and Recognition:
High Visibility: Your brand will be prominently featured on all event-related materials including posters, flyers, banners, digital media, and event apparel. This ensures maximum visibility both leading up to and during the event.
Digital Presence: Regular shout-outs and features on our social media platforms and website, reaching a wide and engaged audience.
Audience Engagement:
Targeted Marketing: Access to a diverse audience demographic, including students, sports enthusiasts, and community members, providing you with the opportunity to engage directly with potential customers.
Interactive Opportunities: Engage with attendees through interactive booths, product demonstrations, and exclusive giveaways, creating a memorable brand experience.

Exclusive Networking:
VIP Access: Network with key stakeholders, athletes, influencers, and other sponsors at our exclusive VIP reception, opening doors to valuable business connections and collaborations.
Community Integration: Position your brand as a community supporter, enhancing your reputation and fostering goodwill among local residents and participants.
Customized Sponsorship Packages:

Tailored Solutions:
We understand that each company has unique needs and goals. Therefore, our sponsorship packages are flexible and can be customized to align perfectly with your marketing objectives and budget.
Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy exclusive benefits such as premium seating, on-stage recognition, and branded merchandise, ensuring your sponsorship stands out.

Comprehensive Reporting and Accountability:
Post-Event Reporting: Receive a detailed report after the event, highlighting key metrics such as attendance, media reach, and audience engagement. This transparency demonstrates the value of your investment and the impact of your sponsorship.

Why Partner with Us?
Proven Track Record: With a history of a successful event, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable organiser known for delivering high-quality experiences.
Community Focus: Our events are designed to bring communities together, fostering a sense of unity and support, which reflects positively on our sponsors.
Professional Management: Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the event is meticulously planned and executed, providing a seamless experience for sponsors and attendees alike.

Target Audience

Students, Sports enthusiasts, and Community members. Mostly around the age 18-25, highly social and even Women:Men ratio.

Key Dates and Timings

The Event will take place in December, right after Freshers. We will expect the sponsors to come forward by August/September, when we start mass marketing.

Specific Opportunity Details

Event Overview
Our upcoming student boxing event offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to connect with a vibrant and enthusiastic audience. Building on the success of our previous event, which attracted over 300 attendees and gained over 1000 social media followers, we anticipate an even greater impact this time.

Event Details
What It Is: A dynamic student boxing event featuring competitive matches, entertainment, and community activities.
Where It Is: Liverpool.
Audience Size: Expected attendance of around 1000 people, including students, sports enthusiasts, and community members.
Audience Engagement and Reach
Fan Base: All students across Liverpool.
Web and Social Media Metrics: High levels of interaction across our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Why Partner with Us?

Direct Access to Students:
Student Market: Engage directly with a valuable and influential demographic.
Community Support: Enhance your reputation as a supporter of local initiatives.

High Visibility:
Prominent Branding: Feature your brand on all event materials and apparel.
Social Media Exposure: Regular mentions on our active social media platforms.

Interactive Marketing:
Engagement Booths: Set up interactive displays or offer product demonstrations.
Giveaways and Contests: Increase brand interaction through event-specific promotions.

Networking Opportunities:
VIP Access: Network with key stakeholders, athletes, and other influential guests.
Proven Success:

Track Record: Previous event success with significant attendance and social media growth.
Growth Potential: Expected attendance of 1000 people offers increased brand exposure.

By partnering with us, you'll support a positive community initiative while gaining extensive brand visibility and engagement with a desirable demographic. For more details on customizing sponsorship packages to meet your needs, please contact us. We look forward to exploring this opportunity with you.

Features and Benefits

Platinum Sponsorship (Headline Sponsor)
Investment: £500 per event


Exclusive Branding: Prominent placement of the sponsor’s logo on all promotional materials, including posters, flyers, and digital media.

VIP Access: Invitation to the VIP reception before the event, where sponsors can network with key stakeholders, athletes, and other influential guests.

On-Stage Recognition: The sponsor’s representative will be acknowledged during the opening ceremony or main event.

Social Media Exposure: Regular shout-outs on event social media channels leading up to the event.

Logo on Event Apparel: Sponsor’s logo featured on event T-shirts, banners, and any other apparel worn by participants and staff.

Reserved Seating: Premium seating for the sponsor and their guests during the event.

Executive Sponsorship
Investment: £250 per event


Logo Visibility: Sponsor’s logo displayed on event banners, signage, and select promotional materials.

Recognition: Mention in event programs and announcements.

Social Media Acknowledgment: Regular mentions on event social media platforms.

Complimentary Tickets: A set number of complimentary tickets for the sponsor’s representatives.

Networking Opportunities: Access to networking sessions during the event.

Community Sponsorship
Investment: £100 per event


Logo Display: Sponsor’s logo featured on event banners and select materials.

Acknowledgment: Listing in event programs.

Social Media Exposure: Occasional mentions on event social media channels.

General Admission Tickets: Complimentary tickets for the sponsor’s team.

Community Engagement: Opportunity to engage with attendees during the event.

Other Partners

Liverpool Children's' Charity - KIND.


Platinum Sponsorship - £500 Executive Sponsorship - £250 Community Sponsorship - £100

Other Info

Further discussion can be held to make sure that packages will fit your company's goals and needs.