Funtime Games UK

Sponsor Name: Ryan Needs/Mel Cossins

Location: South Yorkshire

Sector: Charities

Budget: Budget Varies

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Think Cre8tive Group CIC are looking for sponsorship to support their Funtime Games UK project.


Funtime Games UK – We are a games server provider using Minecraft BEDROCK to help neurodiverse young people to thrive. Unlike other groups, we have a mix of young people with a range of issues and difficulties, and we aim to promote awareness and understanding of neurodivergent people. Our Minecraft server provides a safe space for young people to socialise, make new friends, follow their passions, develop their creativity, and improve their creativity, and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

On a weekly basis, we offer moderated creative sessions, small group sessions, one-to-one and Arts Award-based sessions. Through our experience in creative arts for wellbeing and existing activities and successes with Funtime Games, we are ideally placed to continue to support young people to build their mental health and wellbeing.

Through the 2020 lockdowns, our CEO Melanie Cossins realised that young people were struggling with the isolation and restrictions imposed on them. Both her children are neurodivergent and their usual socialising groups stopped. Melanie noticed the negative effect the pandemic and periods of lockdown were having on their mental health and in particular their sudden lack of social interaction. Through her own use of online support groups for parents of neurodiverse children, she realised this was the case for many neurodivergent children, not just her own. This is how Funtime Games project was born.


Target Audience

Our project is aimed at young people aged 6-16 who love gaming, especially Minecraft. Demographically our audience is mainly neurodivergent, however we are open to any young person with a love for Minecraft and wish to encourage I diverse community. Our fans are passionate about Minecraft and gaming and want to play with others to make new friends. Parents of neurodivergent young people are the ones that ultimately make the decision to join our community. Many looking for help for their young person who may be struggling with attending school, have additional needs and need support.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for either one-off sponsorships or sponsors who are happy to commit to more long-term sponsorships with a minimum commitment of one year.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our mission at Funtime Games is to provide a safe and secure place where young people can meet, make friends and explore their creativity through a passion that they love. We strive to create a positive fun environment for all to play and interact by making every young person feel valued by celebrating their differences.

Features and Benefits

Mentions and promotion of your company on our social media platforms & website. Sponsor logo on promotional materials, across our website and on our filmed events – e.g Funtime Games News and our Movies posted on YouTube. Knowing you are helping young people (especially neurodivergent) to thrive.

Other Partners

We do not currently have any other brands on board for sponsorship. However, we are actively seeking potential partners who share our passion for gaming and helping young people.


We gratefully accept contributions of any level and will work with your organisation to provide adequate recognition for your contributions. There are ways to support us including one off cash investment, equipment donation and cash investment through sponsorship. Sponsorship packages start from £100 per month to a maximum of £1000 pm. Long term we have estimated that to grow to our full potential we will require 100k per annum.