Fleet Half Marathon

Sponsor Name: Penny Abbott

Location: South East


Budget: Under 10k

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One of the original “pre London” half marathons – our race was estabalished in 1982 – and is still organised by volunteers who are all runners from a local club – Fleet & Crookham Athletic Club. Atttacts runners of all abilities both local and further a field and we host the Army and Inter-Service Half Marathon Championships. The timing of the race is the perfect warm up event for London, Manchester, Brighton and other spring marathons. Attracts c. 3500 runners. Partners can sponsor financially or with products/vouchers for prizes and all partners are promoted directly to our runners and also to the wider running community via our Facebook/X/Instagram accounts. This is a great opportunity to help grass roots clubs to keep race events going as an alternative to the much more expensive huge city events.

Target Audience

Runners of all abilities - age 17 to 80+. The field has a rough 50/50 split male/female and across all age groups.

Key Dates and Timings

Race date is Sunday 16th March 2025.
Early planning has commenced - entris will be opened later in the summer. Sponsors will get exposure as soon as they are on board and regular promotion between now and race date plus 1 month after in 2025. The earlier partners confirm, the great visibility potential.

Specific Opportunity Details

Spirng half marathon road running event - suitable for runners of all abilities. Winning time 2024 - Men 65:06 Ladies 76:10 - Slowest time - Men 3:22:05 Ladies 3:09:31
2025 race date - Sunday 16th March at 9.30am
Location - Calthorpe Park, Fleet, Hampshire
Maximum number of runners - 3500
Facebook followers - 2.8k, X Followers 1.8k
Supports grassroots runners and local running club. Perfect opportunity for product promotion and company visibility.

Features and Benefits

A sponsor will have exposure via our webiste and social media avenues between now and race day.
Individuals receive a race pack which partners are detailed in.
Some complemetary race places.
Race day promotional opportunities.
Product sampling opportunity.

Other Partners

Our existing partners are generally local - EveryOne Active Sports Centre Management (TBC for 2025), Alton Sports (Run retailer TBC for 2025), Farnborough BMW (TBC for 2025), Mackenzie Smith Estate Agent (TBC for 2025), KitBrix (TBC for 2025), Pilates for Runners (TBC for 2025), Body Reset Sports Injury Clinic (TBC for 2025)


This will depend on whether they are the primary sponsor or a smaller partner and depends on what they are sponsoring - to be discussed with any potential.

Other Info

Further information can be found at www.fleethalfmarathon.com