Engineering Matters Awards 2025

Sponsor Name: Concetto Faraci

Location: London

Sector: Corporate Events

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Engineering Matters is an award-winning podcast series that celebrates the work of engineers. We cover topics like power generation, building design, transportation, and climate change, and are looking for projects and technologies that are shaping a better future.

The podcast is a narrative-led, technical documentary that tells engaging stories to help companies demonstrate the value of their products and services. Our clients use us to:

Explain the value add of a product
Win Tenders
Demonstrate thought leadership

Engineering Matters Awards 2025 event is an extension of our podcast partnerships and is a celebration of engineering excellence and innovation that recognizes outstanding projects, products, individuals, and organizations shaping a better world.

Engineering Matters Awards 2025 offers a unique platform to showcase our partner’s brand and align with industry leaders who share your commitment to engineering excellence and innovation. With a focus on celebrating the very best in engineering, our event provides an opportunity to engage with a passionate audience and drive positive change in our industry.

As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your brand to a highly engaged audience and demonstrate your commitment to engineering excellence and innovation. By partnering with us, you will not only gain visibility but also contribute to a meaningful cause and support the advancement of the engineering industry. Why Sponsor Engineering Matters Awards 2025:

Celebrating Excellence: Join us in honoring top engineering teams and individuals who are making a difference and driving innovation.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, decision-makers, and influencers in the engineering sector.
Brand Visibility: Gain exposure to a targeted audience passionate about engineering excellence and innovation.
Thought Leadership: Position your brand as a leader in the engineering industry and showcase your commitment to driving positive change.
Community Engagement: Engage with like-minded professionals and organizations dedicated to shaping a better world through engineering

Target Audience

EM audience age distribution: Age 0-24 -9%, 25-34 -32% 35-44 -36%, 45-54 - 15%, 55-64 - 7%, UK & US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Execs, MGT, Engineers, Civil, GVT, Academics, Tech, Consultants

Key Dates and Timings

Event is in March 2025. Confirmation of sponsors, partners and final sponsorship packages will be required before the event.

Specific Opportunity Details

The EM Awards attract a niche audience of engineers, industry leaders, and influencers, offering sponsors a direct line to engage with potential clients and partners within the engineering sector.

The inaugural 2024 event was attended by 120 attendees across 35 companies and institutions

EM Matters Audience

Our audience consists of qualified and chartered engineers who work in various fields such as client offices, government authorities, utility companies, developers, consultancies, contractors, and manufacturers. Our episodes usually receive between 30,000 & 40,000 listens.

Features and Benefits


There are six category sponsor opportunities available and one presenting partner opportunity. Each category receives the same level of exposure and allows you as the sponsor to align your brand with the most relevant topic. Sponsorship of the innovation category is reserved for the presenting partner.
Sponsor Benefits:

Branding on the podcast: A sponsor message will be broadcast on the shortlist episodes pre-event for your category and for the gold winner episodes post-event. The presenting partner benefits from additional branding on the promotional podcast adverts run during calls for entries and other stage announcements.

Online and newsletter branding: A sponsor logo or banner will be loaded on the Engineering Matters website and all digital promotional material sent pre and post-event.

Printed branding: To promote the awards we place print advertising in various industry publications. Your sponsor branding will be included in these print campaigns.

Event branding: The sponsor branding will be included in branding across the gala dinner. The category sponsors will be invited to the stage to present the winners with their awards and the presenting partner will additionally be allowed to give a welcome address.

A table at the awards: As sponsor, you will be allocated a table of 10 at the awards, four of these seats will be for your use and six of these seats will be for entrants in your category that qualify for the SME ticket - a highly reduced price ticket to make attendance possible for startups and small businesses - creating a great networking opportunity for you.

Access to the entrants: We will share entrant and attendee details with all the sponsors where permission has been granted.

Other Partners

The first event was held without any sponsors or partners. We are currently not partnered with any institutions for the 2025 awards ceremony, but we are actively seeking partners, including the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET), to assist with the judging process. Their involvement will ensure impartiality, and credibility and encourage wider participation in the awards.


To build on the success of the inaugural event in 2024 we will be looking to secure Category Sponsors for each of the 6 award categories (3,500 GBP) & a Headline sponsor (TBC)