Edinburgh South Community Football Club

Sponsor Name: Stewart Hurd

Location: Scotland

Sector: Football

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Edinburgh South Community Football Club are seeking sponsorship to support their professional adult team.


Edinburgh South Community Football Club – As one of the largest community football clubs in Scotland we have over 1000 children and constantly growing, our belief is based around inclusivity not sporting ability so we dont reject players who “aren’t good enough”. Everyone develops at their own rate and if you give someone an environment they enjoy and feel comfortable in for the most important years it can be a welcome break from difficult scenarios.

We have a full player pathway from 5 year olds through to the professional game on both the mens and womans side while also creating a number of opportunties to cater for children with additional needs to make sure they can enjoy the sport as well.


Target Audience

Our demographic is hugely diverse but most are parents of young children, in full time employment or small business owners.

Key Dates and Timings

We have a range of options from sponsoring games for a one off fee, our highlights packages for a season or being front of shirt sponsor for our home and away kits that would cover a football season.

Specific Opportunity Details

The main opportunity we have is to support our professional adults team who play in the East of Scotland league, this is the top of our football pyramid and an aspirational goal for all the children within the club. This team as a significant annual operating cost that we need to find every year via sponsorship, donations or fundraising. In return we will look to advertise any sponsors weekly across our social media channels that reach a huge number of people every post, after all we have 1000 sets of parents looking at a minimum. We also run school camps, after school club sports sessions and a free soccer school every Saturday morning that creates a lot of additional interest in our social media activity leading us to have thousands of followers (3.5k on Facebook currently).

Features and Benefits

We would provide digital advertising on our social media pages, sponsorship nights at our club house to say thank you for any sponsors across our 80 youth teams we can print out banners that we display for additional advertising at our home games and of course sponsors would always be welcome to attend these free of charge as well.

Other Partners

Our main sponsors are the Action Group and Seko fro our adult teams currently but we have over 80 youth teams who all seek smaller amounts of company sponsorship so would be difficult to name them all.


Our annual costs are circa £16k so any contribution towards that would be welcome

Other Info

Edinburgh South Community Football Club is a registered charity.