Diamond Show Event Management

Sponsor Name: Stephen Withe

Location: Midlands

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Company Description:

Diamond Show Tour Management, a subsidiary of Stephen Withe Limited, specialises in delivering bespoke events that cater to the interests of football fans, businesses, and sport brands. Our diverse range of services includes organising legends football games, conducting Q&A sessions with ex-football players, providing motivational speaking engagements, hosting coaching clinics, and owning a Thai football club. With our ownership of the Thai football club, we have the unique opportunity to run music events and bespoke football games, further enhancing our offerings.

Diamond Show Tour Management is an events company specialising in bespoke event experiences for professional footballers, businesses, and football fans. Our comprehensive range of services includes Q&A sessions, motivational speaking engagements, legends football games, and marketing support for football legends. We are currently in the process of acquiring a football club in Thailand, where we plan to organise music events featuring globally renowned bands. Additionally, we will offer football coaching clinics and bespoke football events with UK celebrities. We have established a strategic partnership with Peter Withe, an ex-professional football player and former national coach of Thailand, who will contribute to our motivational speaking services for businesses in Thailand.

Diamond Show Events & Management specialises in providing comprehensive support and services for celebrities in the public eye and retired professional footballers as they transition into new phases of their lives and careers. We also offer a bespoke service for individuals and business to access celebrities and footballers for promotions and corporate events.

Target Audience

Football fans all over the UK. We also do many events in Thailand and as a sponsor you will have your brand associated with overseas events we do.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship is for 1 full year and sponsors will have access to any events associated with our brand.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have an upwards reach linked to our celebrities we work with. They have a reach on twitter and other social media platforms of 60k plus. We would like our partners to get involved because we can have our celebrities that we work with to have them create endorsements for businesses.

Features and Benefits

Full Company Sponsor
Your company logo on the front of the kit
Full exposure in legends Asia tour
Business endorsement using a list of celebrities who are associated with Diamond Show Events
(Please ask for details)
Exclusive coverage on our website and interactive magazine as full sponsor
Branded live stream and permanent video on 24/7 tv’s YouTube channel
Promotional material on social media
A complete page in our interactive magazine, which is updated regularly with your latest promotional material, and sent to other potential sponsors
Promotion of your collaboration in any radio interviews related to the event
Full-page spread in the event programme
Announcement identifying your involvement as the teams come onto the pitch
An advert, alongside our own, in the Birmingham Mail
Meet and greet the ex-professional football players and celebrities involved in the event
A full page on our websites, Diamond Show Events, Peter With and Brian Little
Free pitch-side advertising for your existing banners
An invitation for a table of 10 to our annual dinner
2 corporate package tickets to both an Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC game, including hospitality and the opportunity to meet legends and current players
Free access to the events

Other Partners

Peter Withe, Aston Villa, Brian Little, Tony Daley Personal Trainer, Singha Beer Thailand, Aston Villa Lions Clubs



Other Info

Our mission is to empower celebrities to thrive in their post-career endeavours by offering them the guidance, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed.