Sponsor Name: Kevin Joynes

Location: South West

Sector: Water Sports

Budget: Over 100k

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Team DeadLegz are looking for sponsorship to support them as they prepare to take part in the World’s Toughest Row.


In December 2025, Team DeadLegz will take part in the World’s Toughest Row, attempting to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from La Gomera in the Canaries, to Antigua in the Caribbean. The team will battle with sleep deprivation, potential starvation and the isolation of being over a thousand miles from the nearest land, all with the aim of raising money for two fantastic charities: Mind, and the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

We are seeking sponsors to support our challenge by providing financial assistance, as well as support in acquiring the essential safety and other equipment that will help keep us alive during the crossing, which will take 40 – 50 days. Sponsors will be named on the boat and on team clothing, and will be credited on all social media platforms and on our website ( There will be opportunities for sponsors to spend time on the sea in our boat, and to benefit from team briefings, presentations, and attendance at events (perhaps even with the boat).


Target Audience

The World's Toughest Row is of interest to people of all ages. It is a monumental challenge for Team Deadlegz, which is made up of four pretty ordinary men. We expect potential sponsors might have an interest in fitness, extreme sports and fundraising opportunities.

Key Dates and Timings

The World's Toughest Row is due to start on 12th December 2025. We expect our Atlantic crossing to take between 40 - 50 days. However, sponsorship is required immediately to help us to fund our mandatory land-based training courses, to purchase our ocean-going rowing boat, and to acquire all of the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure we get across safely.

Specific Opportunity Details

The race is televised and followed all over the world, including TV coverage, so the potential exposure is massive for sponsors.

Features and Benefits

As mentioned, we would have the names and logos of sponsors emblazoned on our boat before and during the crossing, which is televised internationally. Our team kit may also bear sponsors names / logos. Sponsors will also be credited on our website, and across all of our social media platforms. There will also be opportunities for sponsors to host corporate events at which we will come along and do presentations about the row, as well as opportunities to spend time on the boat and to experience ocean rowing for themselves and their staff.

Other Partners

It is early days, but we have so far secured support (financial and otherwise) from Valhalla Gyms in Redditch, Dell computers, Yergi Autos, and we are currently in discussions with a well-known discount retailer


The total cost of participating in the race (including entry fees, training courses, purchasing the boat and all necessary gear) is around £120,000, and sponsorship will help to fund some or all of that cost.

Other Info

We have produced a sponsor brochure which sets out different sponsorship packages available, starting from £7,500 for a bronze sponsor package, up to £20,000 for a gold package.