Citroen C1 Endurance Series

Sponsor Name: Dylan Botterill

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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Dylan Botterill is seeking sponsorship to support him as he prepares for the Citroen C1 Endurance Series in the next season of motorsport.


Citroen C1 Endurance Series I am competing in the Citroen c1 endurance series next motorsport season in 2024. I am looking for sponsors to help support with this. Some races are live-streamed on tv and your logo and company will be displayed on the car. I will also promote the company as much as possible.


Target Audience

It can interest a large range of people.

Key Dates and Timings

The race season lasts the entirety of 2024. However, I will be looking into doing it in continuous years and racing in other series with much larger audiences.

Features and Benefits

I can promote branding and the company. And invite sponsors down to the race weekends to view the car and watch the races take place.


I would be looking for any sort of support. However investment would be much preferred as it would help pay towards more racing and more promotion.