Canterbury Christ Church Paramedic Society

Sponsor Name: Ellie Workman

Location: South East

Sector: Education

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Canterbury Christ Church Paramedic Society are looking for sponsorship as they provide opportunities for individuals to learn from industry-leading professionals.


Canterbury Christ Church Paramedic Society – Our society is a Student Paramedic Society, for students run by students. It aims to provide access to subsidised CPD events, opportunities to learn from industry-leading professionals as well as through synergetic learning. Previous speakers have included the head of Resus UK and specialist Critical Care Paramedics. We try to provide students with social events throughout the year, so that they can get the best from their university experience. We work closely with our Student Union and are accessible to over 350 student paramedics. We also work with our wider community which with both universities combined is under 40,000 students.

Our student paramedics complete hours within the community towards their degree coursework currently. This means that as students and once qualified our students will treat and work within the local community of Kent (South East Coast Ambulance Service) and surrounding areas. Students are also offered jobs within other Ambulance services such as London Ambulance Service, West Midlands Ambulance Service or other private firms. Playing a vital part in healthcare within the South East!


Target Audience

Our target audience is for our students at University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University that study paramedic science only.

Key Dates and Timings

Our event is due to be held on the 31/05/2024 at the Rochester Corn Exchange in Kent. It will be an evening event. The sponsorship is required as soon as, to enable us to ensure our event can go ahead, and for us to be able to book and organise our packages.

Specific Opportunity Details

I just wanted to see if you would be interested in supporting us for an exciting opportunity.

I am currently second year student paramedic studying at Canterbury Christ Church University and I am part of a paramedic society at my university. Since covid the society was left to disband and this year we are trying to restart the society again, with support from another close university to us (University of Greenwich).

Our plan for the end of the year is to organise a celebration ball for all the students in our student paramedic community to celebrate their achievements. Covid impacted hugely on our teaching causing disruptions and a lot of students have missed out on commemorating their hard work and effort over the past few years. Our students volunteer within South East Coast Ambulance Service to gain vital hours of frontline experience to gain their qualification. The path to qualifying is difficult and not for everyone, many students have to put parts of their lives on hold during their learning. This is why it is so important to support our inclusive community and now joined with Greenwich we will be reaching a community of over 350 students. Whilst studying our degree’s we are trying to organise as we go. Once graduated our students filter into South East Coast Ambulance Service working within the local community along with other private firms.

In order for us to ensure our event is a success we are in need of sponsors to support us financially. I am looking for local or national businesses who would be willing to support our students. We have various packages which I am happy to discuss further with you.

Features and Benefits

Advertising availability:
- Scott Mills and Chris Stark are providing a video of support which could include sponsors which will be shared on social media from our society and within our student union.

- Tickets and posters could include sponsors which will be circulated throughout both universities (Greenwich university and Canterbury Christ Church University)

- Availability for sponsors to provide own advertising as they wish at event to display (eg- banners)

- Possibility for Kent messenger to write an article including sponsors and photos. TBC

- Student Union advertising across our sites pre and post event (University of Kent, University of Greenwich, Canterbury Christ Church University at Canterbury and Medway)

- Option for an award to be dedicated to the sponsor, which will be presented to a student at our event (eg- top dissertation result of the year) etc.

Other Partners

I have just secured support from Scott Mills and Chris Stark (Radio 1 and Radio 2), who will be providing a video of support.

Kent Online for online written article discussing event and sponsors involved TBC


Packages: £500 welcome drink package- Buck’s Fizz/ orange juice on arrival. £300 sweet cart. £700 Wine on table- 2 bottles. £500 Venue decoration- neon theme. £200 Light up backdrop letters ‘PROM’. £500 DJ and Photo Booth. £300 dessert brownie platter. Cash prizes on the night- £50, £75, £100

Other Info

Packages are currently provided by venue which would just need funding for us to organise. We would be willing to discuss packages and if any sponsors would be willing to provide anything that is not specified already please contact me to discuss how we could work together.