Camberley Town Youth Football club

Sponsor Name: Tatinder Sahota

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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At Camberley Town Youth F.C, we’ve thought a lot about what our ethos is and what we want for our young players. Children come to play for us because they want to be the next Harry Kane or Alex Scott, they want to wear an England shirt and score a goal in Wembley. We will always help your kids dream big, develop their football skills, hone talent but we also want the most important thing of all, we want your kids to LOVE football.

In the UK at the moment, there are 1.5 million kids involved in organised youth football. Approximately 180 of them will make it as Premier League professionals. It’s a sobering statistic and as such, we want to offer our services to the majority. How can we help your kids love the game? How can football change their lives for the better? How can we support young people in the community?

All our age groups are organised and run in different ways to account for the different levels of ability we have within the Club. We have teams who have gone on to win County Cups but also teams who play regularly and allow for kids to feel part of a team and enjoy regular sport.

All our coaches follow the FA Four Corner Model in how they teach football and develop our players. Links to this and all the FA educational materials that define our coaching practices can be found under Links and Downloads.

In time, some of our kids may go on to play at Wembley and nothing will fill us with more pride (box seats please!) However, we will be just as proud to see them play from Mini Kickers all the way through to U18 under the Camberley Town Youth banner. We want to witness young men and women have and keep football in their lives. We want them to gain lifelong friendships with their team mates, to learn from big wins and crashing defeats, to enjoy sport, keep fit and healthy and retain all the positives that come from being part of football.

Target Audience

Families, football enthusiasts.

Key Dates and Timings

September 2024, we would like the sponsorship as soon as possible to get as many away kits as possible.

Specific Opportunity Details

Summer last year there was a competition to design the away kit and .Arjun, 8 year old designer and passionate young football enthusiast, has designed a unique and eye-catching away top for the club, and we are seeking sponsorship to bring his vision to life.

Arjun has drawn inspiration from the club’s previous kits. He has modernised the top with a new jigsaw like design feature and making it universally attractive. The design features bright colours and comes in 3 different colour themes. We believe this innovative and stylish top will not only enhance the team’s appearance but also generate excitement and pride among the players, parents, and the wider community.

Camberley Town Youth Football Club is a thriving organisation dedicated to fostering the development of young footballers. It is one of the biggest grassroots football club in Surrey Heath Borough. We are a community club, not for profit that provides a supportive and inclusive environment where children can learn, grow, and develop their skills. All of our coaches and committee members are volunteers. Our club is open to all interested players irrespective of ability, gender, race or religion.

We have specifically reached out to you to help us with enhancing young people’s well-being by putting their health at the forefront. By sponsoring the away top, you will be making a significant contribution to raising awareness of football, supporting the dreams of our young players. You will also inspire young people to follow their passion whether that’s art and design or sports by showcasing a young players designed top. Your logo will be prominently displayed on the top, providing excellent brand visibility within the local community and at away matches.

We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial, offering you a platform to connect with a passionate and engaged audience while supporting the development of young footballers.

We are requesting sponsorship for our under 10s team, each team’s kit costs £586. This will include an away top, shorts and socks for 10 players.. Here is the link to our club shop where you can view the design:

Features and Benefits

The key features will be having the logo prominently displayed on the designed kit as well as having the brand logo on our website and other promotional material.

Other Partners

I don’t work Fridays, DB coaching, Forays Homes, KCS cleaning, Lisa May foundation, zoo signs and designs, Gray media, domestic repairs,



Other Info

We are happy with you sponsoring 1 team for £586 but if you are able to sponsor more than one that would be amazing!