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I would like to introduce my daughter, Caitlyn hegarty, a dedicated and talented 12-year-old figure skater who competes at the Basic Novice level. Over the past year, Caitlyn has shown tremendous promise and determination, achieving remarkable results including:

– 1st place in Oxford
– 2nd place in Sheffield
– 2nd place in Guildford

Caitlyn’s current goal for the next season is to qualify for the British Qualifiers, with the ultimate aim of competing in the British Championships. Her commitment to the sport is evident in her rapid improvement and her unwavering dedication to training. Caitlyn skates both before and after school six days a week and also requires off-ice training to enhance her performance and maintain her competitive edge.

As a single mum, I dedicate my time to ensuring Caitlyn gets to and from the rink while also looking after her 3-year-old sister. Despite working as hard as I can, the financial demands of Caitlyn’s training, patch ice time, off-ice training, and competition expenses are significant.

We are seeking sponsorship to help cover these costs and support Caitlyn’s continued progress in figure skating. Your support would not only provide Caitlyn with the resources she needs to continue excelling but also contribute to her journey towards achieving her goals in figure skating.

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated and would make a substantial difference in Caitlyn’s development as an athlete. In return for your sponsorship, we would be happy to discuss potential opportunities for brand visibility and promotion at competitions and events, as well as through Caitlyn’s social media presence.

Thank you for considering this request. We are hopeful that you will join us in supporting Caitlyn’s promising future in figure skating.

Target Audience

Figure skating

Specific Opportunity Details

I am the mum of caitlyn and I am trying to get sponsorship to help with her training costs. She competes nationally so your brand would be recognised nationally as well as on her social media account which is ran by myself.

Features and Benefits

Advertisements on my daughters Instagram account. Training clothes with your brand on.

Other Info

I would be grateful for whatever help anyone is willing to give. No matter how big or small.