Brody Skinner Racing

Sponsor Name: John Skinner

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Brody Skinner is a young racing driver looking for sponsorship to support him as he continuously progresses his motorsport talent.


Brody Skinner Racing – My name is Brody Skinner and I am a 16 year old kart driver, currently racing in two kart championships for 2023. I participate around England and Wales in the Club 100 championship (The highest level of arrive and drive 2 stroke kart racing in Europe), and also drive my own kart in the Forest Edge Seniors Championship. I am looking to build a partnership with individuals or organizations that are looking to support rising talent in motorsport. I would like to help your organization to gain exposure and create new business opportunities in the Motorsport community through social media exposure, product advertisement and branding on my clothing and equipment.

About myself:
At the age of 15, and in my first full year of competing in outdoor karting, I won the 2022 Daytona Sandown Seniors Championship, beating both young, up and coming drivers and experienced motorsport drivers alike. I also participated in Club 100 championship where I finished 14th out of 73 in the Championship.

In 2023, I made the move to owner karting, purchasing my own kart and working with BKC racing team to compete in the Forest Edge Senior Max championship. This has been an amazing step up, racing in a much faster kart and competing against some of the best kart drivers in the UK. My parents and I did a lot of research into the expected costs to have our own kart as we were aware that it is very costly to run your own kart. I am looking for sponsorship to help with these costs, to allow me to spend more time in the kart and develop my skills further, to attain further success as I move up in level and compete at a national and ultimately international level. My 2023 championships were both cut short due to a bad crash in early September where I broke bones and was out of the kart for nearly 2 months. My 2024 budget has gone into repairing my kart and getting it back to a competitive state, which means I am looking for sponsorship to help fund my motorsport in 2024.

In 2022, I took part in the JamSport Racing Junior Fiesta scholarship, where I competed with 40 other participants to gain a scholarship to drive. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the scholarship but this has fired my passion to continue in motor-sport. My dream in the future would be to progress from Karting to driving cars competitively.

I am looking for financial or product support to help continue my journey in motorsport. I would like to offer interested parties the opportunity for branding on my racewear and kart, promotion and exposure through my social media and the opportunity to attend any of my races. I am currently building a sizeable social media following linked to the motor-sport community and am always looking to expand follower numbers and increase post reach.


Target Audience

All types of organizations who are looking to support, promote and help develop young talent in a motorsport environment. I am looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship with companies who are looking for exposure and promotion in the motorsport world.

Key Dates and Timings

Kart championships in 2024. Race seasons run from March to November with physical training and driver coaching taking place over the winter. Sponsors will benefit from year round publicity via race coverage and social media coverage.

I am looking to build long term partnerships with any potential sponsors and will ensure that I provide every opportunity to help organisations gain publicity, exposure and an exciting connection to motorsport.

Specific Opportunity Details

Subject to sponsorship levels, I plan to race in the Forest Edge Senior Max Kart Championship throughout 2024, and would also like to participate in the Clay Pigeon kart Championship for 2024. At some point in the next 3-5 years, if finances allow, I would like to make the move to racing cars.

I have started to build an organic social media following via Instagram, Facebook & YouTube and will keep these up-dated with any news, race updates and videos which will all support any potential sponsors regular practice and race posts and video promoting and supporting sponsors. I would be happy to discuss how best to structure and post any social media to best benefit your organization.

Features and Benefits

The sponsor would benefit from having their brand name on my suit, helmet and potentially on my kart. I can promote your brand at kart tracks through this and through word of mouth.
I can provide publicity for your organization though all my social media activity, posting videos and photos from my events where your brand is shown, and through any specific social media product promotion.
Many of my events are live-streamed on YouTube reaching an even greater audience.

Other Partners

I am currently wearing Sparco racewear and a Bell helmet and always tag them in any posts I make on social media.


I am looking to build a long-term partnership at any level of financial or product support with one or more businesses. I would really like the opportunity to discuss with interested parties, any level of support and what I can offer in return.