Brock 2 Kenya

Sponsor Name: Nicola Powell

Location: Global

Sector: Education

Budget: Budget Varies

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My name is Morgan and I am a student at Brockenhurst College. Every year Brockenhurst college do an enrichment course called Brock2Kenya. This year is my opportunity to be a part of it.
I am volunteering along with 19 other students, To take part in the Melon Mission. We are heading off in October 2024 for 2 weeks to Nakuru, Kenya. While there, we will undertake manual jobs, spend time with the students and take part in teaching the students drama, sports and English.

The school I am visiting is a government-run primary school which provides a free education to 3,240 students between the ages of seven and 15. Although the school is run by the government, it is severely underfunded and overcrowded.

We will be wearing T-shirts and hoodies which we can have companies of sponsorship printed on. Companies will be advertised on our clothing. Our trip will be highly covered over social media giving my potential sponsor social media coverage.

Target Audience

Students aged 16-19 both male/female.

Key Dates and Timings

We are travelling in October 2024 and out fundraising has already started.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are a group of 27 students travelling from London Heathrow to Kenya. We will be wearing our printed clothing with sponsor ship logos on. When we blog our trip you will be mentioned and tagged in all our posts.

Features and Benefits

Your company will be tagged in all our social media uploads. Logo seen on clothing during our travels.


£250 per sponsor. I need to raise £2500 for this trip