Brian Little Childrens Books

Sponsor Name: Stephen Withe

Location: Midlands

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

My name is Steve Withe, and I am the founder of Diamond Show Event Management. Our company has the privilege of working with many ex-professional footballers, including legends like Peter Withe and Brian Little. We organise bespoke events for ex professional football players. We help them transition from playing football to still working in such events as – Football Legends Games, Q&A’s, Golf Days, Private Dinners, Events in Thailand, and Book Tours. We help them manage their schedule and look after websites, social media, we hep them get branded and keep them busy. Brian Little played for Aston Villa and England, his career was cut short due to injury but he had a very successful time as a manager with clubs such as Leicester City, Aston Villa, Hull City and Stoke City.

Brian has recently authored a captivating series of children’s books, and we are dedicated to promoting these stories to the public and securing the necessary sponsorship to make this venture a success. At Diamond Show Event Management, we heavily rely on sponsorship to achieve our targets and bring these enriching projects to life. Your support can help us inspire young readers and ensure the success of Brian’s wonderful book series.

I am excited to present an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for Brian Little’s upcoming children’s book series, Little
Legends. We are seeking five forward-thinking companies to join us in bringing these enchanting stories to life for young readers. Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in making this project a reality while offering significant promotional benefits to your company.

Proposal Plan
1. Identify Target Companies:
* Research and select five companies whose values align with our mission and who have a history of supporting children’s education, literature, or community projects.
2. Prepare Personalised Proposals:
* Customise each proposal to reflect the specific interests and values of each target company, highlighting how this partnership can benefit them.
3. Initial Contact:
* Reach out to the decision-makers in each company via email or phone to introduce the sponsorship opportunity and express the value of their involvement.
4. Follow-Up Meeting:
* Schedule a follow-up meeting (virtual or in-person) to discuss the proposal in detail, answer any questions, and address any concerns they may have.
5. Formal Proposal Submission:
* Provide a formal, detailed proposal document outlining all the benefits and commitments involved, including a timeline of events and deliverables.
6. Negotiation and Agreement:
* Negotiate any specific terms and finalise the sponsorship agreement, ensuring all parties are clear on expectations and deliverables.

Partnering with Little Legends provides a unique opportunity to promote your brand while supporting the creation of magical stories that inspire and educate young readers. We believe this collaboration will be mutually beneficial and are excited about the possibility of working together.
Thank you for considering this proposal.

Please feel free to enquire for further discussion or to schedule a meeting.

Target Audience

Children's books target would be football fans of mainly Aston Villa fans, Leicester City, Hull City, and Stoke City. The age range would be from 4-11 and we also have adults interested given who Brian Little is. They are football fans and would like the books as a collectible piece. The targets are any child interested in football and give children an insight in how Brian became a football player.

Key Dates and Timings

The Book Tours Start in late November 2024 and will run into the New Year of 2025. The sponsorship will last throughout the tour dates and we predict this would be from November 2024 till February 2025.

Specific Opportunity Details

Brian Little Legends Children's Books is a series of books available for children. These books are for children who are interested in becoming a football player or who like to watch football. The fan base is anything upwards of 50k due to Brian's popularity in football. We have a combined social following of 37k followers on all our platforms. Sponsors should be involved with us to promote themselves and be attached to a celebrity to give them brand exposure of what they do. Furthermore, helping bring these stories to life for the future of children's developments and for grassroots football players.

Features and Benefits

Sponsorship Package - £1,000
As a key sponsor, your company will receive the following benefits:

1. Brand Exposure:
* Logos in Books: Your company logo will be prominently displayed in every book in the Little Legends series.
* Website Platforms: Your logo will feature on our official website, all social media platforms, and promotional web content.
* Press Boards: Your logo will appear on all press boards used during media events and book tour appearances.
* Merchandise: All promotional merchandise will include your company's logo, enhancing your brand's visibility.
* Media Mentions: Your company will be mentioned in newspaper articles and press releases related to the book series and events.
2. Exclusive Access:
* Book Tour Events: Gain VIP access to all book tour events, allowing you to network and engage with attendees.
* Signed Poster: Receive a free, signed tour poster from Brian Little.
* Complete Book Series: A set of the entire Little Legends series, signed by Brian Little, will be yours to enjoy or use as a promotional giveaway.
* Meet and Greet: Exclusive photo opportunities and a meet and greet session with Brian Little, providing a unique experience for your team or special guests.

Other Partners

Peter Withe ex Aston Villa Football Player, EPL Legal, Aston Villa FC for support in holding our book events at the club during football games, Design Monster.


£5,000 for promotional support. But we want to split this up into 5 so £1,000 each sponsor would work for us.

Other Info

Brian has written in total of 10 books and we aim to create 3 for the Christmas period and the rest for the following year.